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C’est La Vegan: what I learned from Dave Chawner’s vegan comedy show

I wasn't intending for the first two posts after launching A Blogger’s Musings to be about the 70th Edinburgh Fringe festival this year, but there you go. It also ties in nicely with what I want to talk about today as well: life. This isn’t meant to be a clichéd ‘let’s talk about life’ kind… Continue reading C’est La Vegan: what I learned from Dave Chawner’s vegan comedy show


Welcome to A Blogger’s Musings

Welcome to A Blogger's Musings Thank you for stopping by my new blog, A Blogger’s Musings, sister blog to my vegan lifestyle and craft/sewing blog, Oh Sew Vegan. We have loved (and lost) many great people over the years, whether they’ve been personal to us in our lives or public figures loved by the world.… Continue reading Welcome to A Blogger’s Musings


Always delightfully Turkish at Hanedan's

I love eating at restaurants that give me a taste of how the other side of the world live. I especially love small independent restaurants that give fantastic, dedicated customer service and fabulously flavoursome food. For the best Turkish food and great company from a small family of staff working alongside Head Chef, Gursel, and… Continue reading Always delightfully Turkish at Hanedan's


California dining: review of Redwood Bistro

When you enjoy eating out as much as me and have tried various Indian, Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese, steakhouse and burger establishments, sometimes you want a bit of 'wow' factor to keep you on your foodie toes. American dining has been stereotyped as mostly burger joints, breakfast consisting of waffles or pancakes with a large selection… Continue reading California dining: review of Redwood Bistro