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C’est La Vegan: what I learned from Dave Chawner’s vegan comedy show

I wasn’t intending for the first two posts after launching A Blogger’s Musings to be about the 70th Edinburgh Fringe festival this year, but there you go. It also ties in nicely with what I want to talk about today as well: life.

This isn’t meant to be a clichéd ‘let’s talk about life’ kind of post, but it is about Dave Chawner’s C’est La Vegan comedy show that I attended this week with some friends.

The title of the show might sound like it’s either a vegan bashing session made out in a ‘just kidding’ kind of way, or it’s a ‘well, this is life!’ vegan comedy show to somehow convince you to go vegan. I assure you it was neither of these things.

Award-winning comic Dave Chawner explores veganism in his quest to find the origin of food, ideas and views.

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe

In the show, Dave talked about a comedy show he did previously for VegFest, talking about his experience with anorexia. He mentioned how a journalist approached him after the show to say that it didn’t seem he was anorexic and the show was done to make use of his privileged status to try and get attention. It bothered me that informed and educated people like the journalist, whose job I would have imagined was to thoroughly research the topic before making assumptions would have known not to make judgements on people’s appearances based on stereotypes.

It seems our world is getting busier and we’re experiencing more frustration and less contentment and happiness with the lives we live. It seems more apparent that we start taking our frustrations out in everyday situations and now our society leads us to believe it’s acceptable to point out what people are doing wrong instead of what they are doing right. What happened to supporting each other, recognising each others achievements and encouraging each other to reach our goals?

Some of the points Dave touched on resonated with a lot of vegans: when the topic of why we became vegan comes up in conversation, it seems a lot of non-vegans are concerned about where we get our protein from. When we try to explain our views, we are then accused of being ‘preachy’ and aggressive. Why can we not accept that we all have different views on life, that when having a conversation with vegans about why we decided to stop eating animal products, is there sometimes a defensive tone to the discussion?

Recent events in work life made me re-evaluate my perspective on life and the world, and Dave’s show brought that to the forefront of my mind. I’m not going to be discussing the reasons why I went vegan or why it’s the right thing to do, but I do want to highlight how society seems to have affected our view on our fellow humans and the animals we live with. The world we live in seems to have made us more focused on our own individual life and there seems to be less awareness and compassion for all others. I don’t mean to suggest that we have lost our compassion completely; it is still within us, but it seems to be buried deep down inside us.

Dave met the Head of The Vegan Society who explained, “A true vegan is a dead one.” It’s just not possible to live and be a perfect vegan, what is perfect is subjective and we’re only trying to do our part in improving the lives of animals and show compassion for all living beings. No matter our beliefs, vegan or not, we should be supporting and helping each other when needed. After all, vegans live by compassion.

I don’t want to go into too much detail about my own internal reflections after Dave’s show, but I would highly recommend going to see C’est La Vegan for yourself and letting me know in the comments below what you think.

C’est La Vegan is on until Sunday 27th August at 7:00pm at The Counting House on 38 West Nicolson Street.


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