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Insights from Edinburgh Fringe 2017: To The Moon and Back with Gillian Cosgriff

Gillian Cosgriff is back for the 70th Edinburgh Fringe Festival! I’ll be the first to admit, I have a very particular, and sarcastic, sense of humour. I’ve been to many comedy shows, from the Edinburgh Fringe newbie to televised stand-up comedian’s shows, but not many have left me with a sore tummy from laughing so much. The only other duo who has left me clutching my stomach are the duo Tom Thum and Jamie MacDowall, (see previous post here) whose show I intend on seeing at the Fringe this year. Maybe it’s the Australian sense of humour that appeals to me? If you haven’t been to Gillian’s shows before, she has a way of combining everyday instances that everyone can relate to with humour, song and music to provide you with an hour of entertainment.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll also be reflecting on what she talked about afterwards.

You can also read my review of her show This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things at the Fringe last year here.

Gillian has concerns about the future. You might say she has chronophobia (fear of the future), or gamophobia (fear of marriage), or phobophobia (fear of fears). Probably not that last one. And space. After venturing out to see Gravity with a throbbing hangover she also has astrophobia. Seriously, name me one space movie where nobody dies. You can’t, can you? I knew it. This award-winning cabaret star has been garnering accolades for the last five years with her charming and unique style of musical comedy. See her now, before the world inevitably ends.

Gillian Cosgriff: To The Moon and Back, Edinburgh Fringe

When I was contacted to attend Gillian’s show, I couldn’t wait to see what she has in store for the crowd this year. I also brought a friend along who knew nothing about Gillian or what was in store. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect either, but I knew we would be in for a belly-clutching humorous hour-long show.

The show started in the dim venue with a blue glow and an eerie opening theme, I actually felt like I was transported into a space film. It didn’t help my active imagination at all when an astronaut walked onto the stage (it was Gillian) who then started singing about weighing 38kg only if you’re on the Mercury diet but 100kg on Earth!

If you have no interest whatsoever in travelling to space or another planet (I count myself in the ‘not interested’ category), then you’re in good company. After all, would we really want to use and abuse poor old Earth for the, younger, hotter, sexier Mars, especially after all this planet has done for us? After all the complaints we’ve had here in Scotland about the distinct lack of summer, we’d be having the summer of our lives on Mars…wearing SPF 1000+!

Not only is the universe a topic of discussion in Gillian’s latest show, other themes such as exposure therapy for phobias, the self-help affirmation fads and yoga for anxiety and self-doubt and the strangely underrated similarities between travelling to space and marriage to The Headless Groom is also drawn upon.

There are a lot of topics that are touched on that make you think more clearly about what we really want from our lives and what society expects of us. I, for one, certainly Attending To The Moon and Back will leave you wide eyed with amazement as you follow the unfolding of the story and Gillian’s galactic Cinderella-like transformation. I won’t spoil the surprise, but let’s just say, it’s not extra padding she’s packing under that astronaut’s outfit! Also, don’t miss the Savage Garden tribute cover song, To The Moon and Back towards the end of the show!

Gillian Cosgriff’s To The Moon and Back lasts an hour and is on at 9:00pm at The Gilded Balloon in Teviot from today till Monday 14th, and Wednesday 16th till Sunday 27th August. To get your ticket, head over to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival website here.

A big thank you to Gillian Cosgriff and Julz Hay Proudly Presents for the complimentary media tickets to the show. Please note that the review posted is entirely my own opinion and apart from tickets to the show, is not endorsed to be written in any way.


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