Welcome to A Blogger’s Musings

Welcome to A Blogger’s Musings

Thank you for stopping by my new blog, A Blogger’s Musings, sister blog to my vegan lifestyle and craft/sewing blog, Oh Sew Vegan.

We have loved (and lost) many great people over the years, whether they’ve been personal to us in our lives or public figures loved by the world. Recently, I was hit hard by the news that the frontman, singer and songwriter of one of my favourite bands from my teenage years took his own life. I didn’t think a musician from my younger days, a band I hadn’t listened to in years, would affect me so profoundly. I didn’t think could grieve for someone I had met briefly once (at a Meet and Greet session with the band before their concert in 2004), but that is what I did: I grieved for the man behind the music, the musician who was an important part of my growing up years.

That same day, a colleague of mine came in to let us know of an operation his new born daughter was needing because of developmental issues identified in uterus. That afternoon, another colleague brought their toddler in for colleagues to meet who was happy with all the attention she was receiving from various adults. I had a moment of epiphany.

Life doesn’t stop for the rest of the world while we’re mourning the loss of loved ones or public figures we look up to. Harsh as it sounds, while we’re deep in our own internal world of misery, someone else in the world is could also be suffering, or they could be experiencing love, pain or happiness.

Every day, a death also brings life into the world. It’s difficult to know what the future holds and we should live our lives to the full one day, one moment, at a time. How one person sees the world doesn’t necessarily mean it’s true; we all see the world in different lights. We each have our own perspectives of how events unfold, how beautiful (or grim) the same experience is.

With this in mind, and my interest in psychology and understanding people’s mindsets, I want to share with you any thoughts that come to mind: whether it be mindfulness, moments of joy to share, or an interactive project.

I will aim to post one photo a day with a generic caption, or an article or blog post at least once a week, and I would like you to put your thoughts in the comments about what you see from the photo. In this, you will see how the same photo can be interpreted in different ways by different people.

I hope you find this project as enjoyable as I hope it would be for me =)


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