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A chef, gin, etching and supercars with Of One Mind's first event of 2017

Of One Mind hosts fantastic networking events for like-minded companies and individuals to meet. I’ve been to a few of their events before and have found great companies like Ishi Salon (here and here) and learning all about Daffy’s Gin (here).

This time, we return to Lamborghini show room where the OH finally got to see all the supercars up close and personal, and we got to meet more companies to keep our eye on.

That night, I got to see Jen from Tartan Brunette and Lucie of Tetris and (Cheese)cakes and we wandered around admiring the beautiful designs of these powerful cars, drinking cocktails prepared with Firkin Gin while watching a ragu ravioli cooking demonstration by head chef Gio Pia, owner of Amodo Mio, an Italian restaurant in Falkirk, while HomeSound provided sound entertainment for the evening with their high quality sound systems.

Firkin Gin

On hand was also Etch’d who was happy to personalise everything and anything possible using top-notch laser etching technology. The company can laser engrave anything from the back of your phone, wooden phone cases, chopping boards, leather and neoprene tablet/laptop cases, sunglasses and money or tie clips.

I didn’t have anything that was suitable for etching and the back of my BlackBerry Priv was maybe a bit too thin for going under the laser, so I didn’t get anything engraved, but Lucie got a new phone case and her notebook etched with her own gallery’s design.

The process is relatively quick and painless. The best designs to work with should have solid lines rather than shading. Once the design is sent over to the company, they’ll quickly manipulate the design to fit the item you want it etched on and once you’re happy, under the laser it goes! The engraving process only takes between 5-10 minutes, with a more complicated mandala design I spotted on one of their phone cases taking only 8 minutes!

Checking the size and placement of the design

The finished products

Even if I didn’t get anything of my own etched, I couldn’t quite decide what to get etched and what design to get. Like getting a new tattoo, I would want to get something that was significant and personal to me. It was great seeing Lucie getting her notebook and phone case engraged though and I can see that this service would be great for personalising any item as a special gift for a friend, family member or significant other. Now I just need to find something to get Etch’d!

Thank you to Of One Mind for hosting the event, chef Gio Pia for the cooking demonstration, Lamborghini for the venue, Etch’d for their engraving services on site, Firkin Gin for the drinks and HomeSound for the audio entertainment.


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