Time for some food and Salsa! in London

While we were having fun in London (see my previous post here), we still need to fill our bellies to give us the energy to keep going the rest of the evening. Everyone was keen to take up a night of salsa dancing with dinner, so a table had been booked ahead of time at Salsa! at Charing Cross.

Once you enter the front door, you’re instantly welcomed into a lively atmosphere of bright green paint, South American bottles of liqueur lining the bar area and Latin-inspired paintings. You can also hear upbeat Latin music playing in the background which gets you in the mood for dancing while you’re having your meal, so be prepared to get up and dance! Classes are available every night with a spacious dance floor for you to bust your moves, whether you’re a novice or advanced salsa dancer. You’ll need to watch for nights when a lot of hen/stag/celebratory parties are booked as that’s their time on the dance floor and you might not be able to join in that session depending on numbers, so you might want to ask ahead if you’re booking a table in advance.

The bar/restaurant/nightclub can cater to specific food, drink and/or entertainment packages depending on your needs, so send them an enquiry here. Salsa Copacabana party packages start at £19.95 for a welcome cocktail, 2 courses and a digestif shot of vodka or limoncello.

We were given a choice of various fajitas, burgers or a salad. It might not have seemed like a lot of choice, but I can imagine when you’re catering to big parties, it would be even more difficult to provide efficient service if everyone chose a different dish from a larger menu.

Cajun salmon and prawn salad served in a oven-baked tortilla basket with chilli slaw, mixed leaves, tomato, onion and a lime and chilli dressing

Avocado and bacon flame grilled beef burger with chips and an extra-large chilli!

Mushroom, peppers and onion fajitas served with sour cream, salsa and guacamole

To fill the rest of our bellies, we had a choice between churros with chocolate dipping sauce, chocolate brownie or waffles with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce. I can never resist a classic Latin dessert and went for the churros.

Can’t say no to churros!

Unfortunately there was a bit of a mix up with the salsa class and it was a bit of a rush for some of the party to join the last class so I didn’t get to take any photos from the class that was taking place. Everyone who was on the dance floor seemed to enjoy themselves though and the dance instructor gave very clear and concise instructions. If I wasn’t so self-conscious (I thought it might have been a bigger class without such an audience from the restaurant!), I think I could have enjoyed myself, but instead I wasn’t feeling too great so watched from the sidelines instead.

Salsa! cafe is located at 96 Charing Cross Road, London, WC2H 0JG and is open Monday to Saturday from 10:00am to 5:00pm if you decide to visit them during the day with children. The restaurant, bar and nightclub is only open to over 18s between 5:00pm and 2:00am Monday to Thursday and Sundays (till 3:00am on Friday and Saturday nights).

If you’ve been to Salsa! before, we’d like to hear your experience and what you thought of the cafe and/or restaurant, bar and nightclub!


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