Food for Thought

Inspiration of the day

It’s been a while since I posted any words of inspiration, so I leave you with these words to mull over while you’re enjoying the weekend:

Life really is too short to worry about the could’ve beens and what will bes. We’re so focused on reaching that future we want that we often forget to live in the here and now. Why are we so single-minded in getting to those end goals that we lose sight of what’s right in front of our eyes?

We never know what’s going to happen tomorrow, next week or even 10 years from now. We might be aiming for the top of the career ladder but might find being at the very top isn’t what we thought it would be. Does making so much money that you never have time to spend it really how we want to live our lives? Does the thought of finding a fulfilling career which brings you job satisfaction but with a lower salary appeal more to you?

Life throws hurdles in our path, but sometimes it shapes our future and more often than not, it’s a life lesson to be learned. Pause and take heed to what’s happening in your life right now. Love the ones who are still in your life, forgive and let go of the ones who don’t support your life goals.

Live each day with purpose. Look back on your days and be able to think: ‘I’m happy with what I’ve achieved. I don’t regret a single day’. If you can’t, make an effort to do what makes you happy the next hour, tomorrow, the next week.


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