This is My Scotland: my story

Kilt company MacGregor and MacDuff aren’t just passionate about their kilts; they’re also passionate about their Scottish heritage. The company began in 1979 on Bath Street in Glasgow as a joint venture between Scottish Kiltmaker Mr MacGregor and enigmatic American businessman, Mr Scollin. Three brothers David, Gerald and Dominic took over the business venture when this was sold in 2002 and work hard to continue the ethos, traditions and high standards set on both retail and manufacturing fronts left behind by the two co-founders.

The company was looking for people to share their stories about what makes Scotland great and what they love about this beautiful country. This is a question that deeply resonates with me since I’ve now made Scotland my home and I couldn’t be more proud of it.

I decided to share my story.

The moment I stepped foot off the plane in September 2008, Edinburgh became my home.

Growing up in Hong Kong, filled with tall high rise buildings, 7 million people frenetically going from one point to another, I longed for a more peaceful, stress-free way of life.

To read the rest of my story, head on over to MacGregor and MacDuff’s blog by clicking here.

If you wish to share your story, read about their post here and get in touch with your short (or long) story, video or just to have a chat by sending them an e-mail.


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