Serving Jamie's Favourites in 3-courses!

If I had to pick one restaurant that I could never get tired of visiting, it would be Jamie’s Italian. I’ve been quite a few times (see here) already and love bringing friends to The Assembly Rooms to see the beautiful décor and to experience the service from friendly staff who seem somehow brings an essence of Jamie to the restaurant.

Going to a new restaurant and deciding what to eat can be a bit of a job, especially when there are lots of delicious choices for each course (see the a la carte menu here). Jamie’s know how to make this job easier for new (and regular) customers by offering a lunch and evening dinner offers to tickle those taste buds with Jamie’s Evening Favourites.

Tuck into Jamie’s Evening Favourites – a delicious three-course menu made up of some of your favourite Jamie’s Italian dishes to enjoy as an evening treat, for just £18.95. Think Italian steak, Heritage tomato salad and Our famous prawn linguine, which is a bit of a signature dish around here! This fantastic offer is available from 6pm Monday–Thursday – what are you waiting for? Book your dinner in Edinburgh now.

Jamie’s Italian, Edinburgh

It might seem like another chain restaurant opened by a celebrity chef, but the thing I like most about Jamie’s is:

  • food tastes homemade – by this I mean that, without being a connoisseur of food, I can tell that the pasta is fresh and can taste beef in the meatballs
  • all ingredients used in each branch are sourced locally to support the local economy

I know what dishes I choose each time I visit Jamie’s, but with the Evening Favourites menu, you get to see what the most popular dishes are with other customers. I decided this time to branch out, mixing old favourites with the new when the OH and I decided to go for a meal with a friend.

Starter – Mushroom Fritti

Mushroom Fritti (King oyster and Paris brown mushrooms coated in herby breadcrumbs, served with garlic mayo)

I think I’ve found a new favourite starter in the mushrooms! Normally I go for the Crispy Squid served with garlic & lemon mayo, chilli, parsley and fried garlic (nothing like good ol’ calamari made to perfection!), but I do love my mushrooms. I absolutely love breaded or garlic button mushrooms (or both!) and I couldn’t resist trying breaded King Oyster and Paris Brown mushrooms for a change. If you’re a big fan of your mushrooms and like trying a variety, you’ll know that King Oyster and Paris Brown mushrooms aren’t cheap. Getting to try these varieties as a starter on a dinner offer made me do a bit of a happy dance in my seat when it arrived. It’s amazingly fresh, crispy with a hint of herbs (without being overpowering) and goes really well with the garlic mayo.

This starter is a lovely alternative for those who like breaded starters but aren’t a big fan of seafood.

Mains – Jamie’s Famous Prawn Linguini, and Italian Steak and Fries

Jamie’s Famous prawn linguini (fried garlicky prawns and Scottish langoustine tails with fennel, tomatoes, chilli, saffron, fish broth and lemony rocket)

Italian steak and fries (flash-grilled prime beef steak with herby heirloom tomato salsa, rocket, aged Parmesan and spiced fries)

I have been trying to convince myself that other main dishes are worth trying, but I can’t pull myself away from the prawn linguini – I can see why it’s called ‘Our Famous Prawn Linguini’, it definitely lives up to its name! Jamie’s is the first restaurant I’ve visited where you can actually taste the difference; pasta tastes fresh and, for a change, tastes homemade, and meatballs taste of beef rather than the unidentifiable taste of meat in the supermarket variety. I hadn’t tried langoustines before I ordered the prawn linguini from Jamie’s back in 2011 and if it weren’t for taking a chance, I would not know of the other wonderful seafood that this country has to offer. The ingredients all work well and just comes together and isn’t too spicy.

The OH ordered the steak and fries and was pleased it had been cooked to his request (medium rare). Quite often, a lot of restaurants cook the steak too much that it becomes medium cooked rather than rare, but Jamie’s chefs know their kitchen and how to cook their steak for the right about of time to the customer’s requirements. The cheese are always flavoursome and fries are always fresh and crisp on the outside and soft on the inside.

As always, the main dish portions are generous, but this all seems to be taken into account so that when you’re on a 3-course meal, you’ll have enough space in your tummy to fit in their beautiful desserts.

Dessert – Vin Santo tiramisu, Molten Chocolate Praline Pudding and Baked White Chocolate Cheesecake

Dessert time! (Clockwise from top): Vin Santo tiramisu (classic Italian dessert with vin santo, chocolate shavings and orange zest), Molten Chocolate Praline Pudding (warm chocolate cake with a liquid praline centre, served with vanilla ice cream and praline) and baked white chocolate cheesecake (crunchy biscuit base with velvety white chocolate mascarpone, fresh raspberries & smashed amaretti)

We each ordered a different dessert and it was all amazing. The Molten Chocolate Praline Pudding is my absolute favourite! I love praline and to taste this in the pudding along with the melted chocolate as well as in the ice cream, I was in nut heaven. The OH had the tiramisu and enjoyed it very much. I’m not a big fan of fruit with my cake (unless they’re berries), so I didn’t get a taste. Our friend enjoyed the cheesecake and although she felt full, she couldn’t leave a crumb on her dish.

The dinner offer is certainly worth the price for those who would like to eat at Jamie’s without paying full – based on previous experience, we normally spend approximately £20 per person (if we’re sharing a starter/dessert, £25 if we had 3 courses each, including drinks and tip), a la carte – with the offer we saved approximately £20 on the final bill!

I can safely say by the end of the meal, we all went home with full bellies and smiles on our faces. I’m sure that’s how Jamie wants his customers to leave his restaurants and we didn’t disappoint. Thanks again to the staff at Jamie’s Italian in Edinburgh for another great meal and wonderful dining experience!

If you’re planning to stop by on your lunch break, the offer of a 2-course Super Lunch deal is only £12.95! Menu can be viewed here. You can also reserve a table online for Jamie’s Evening Favourites using their booking system here. Both deals will be running till the end of the year, so stop by and make use of their offer before it disappears!

Jamie’s Italian in Edinburgh is located in The Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street, EH2 2LR. For any enquiries, phone 0131 202 5452.

If you’re a fan of Jamie’s Italian, we’d love to know what your favourites are!


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