Exploring the Scottish street food scene: The Pitt market

The best way to experience food of a country is through its street food. Literally speaking, you buy your food on the street and eat it there. Street food was never really a Scottish (or British) thing; here you tend to buy your food to takeaway somewhere to sit and eat, or you stay to consume your food in the restaurant or café. After reading about fellow bloggers’ posts (see here and here), I was keen to try the offerings of local restaurants and stalls at The Pitt food market located on Pitt Street in Leith.

I love the relaxed atmosphere of being able to browse various stalls and seeing what each has to offer before deciding on a stall (and dish) to buy. Unless you’ve already visited a restaurant or café and know that it’s good, it’s a daunting experience to walk into a new establishment and find out that none of the dishes on the menu are suitable, especially if you have any dietary requirements, food intolerances or allergies. If you’re vegetarian or vegan though, fear not – there are veggie options available at the market!

The market brings together lots of different local establishments in, you got it, the pitt. With a £1 entry which goes towards a raffle (where you get the chance of winning £10 credit on your next visit), you are given the opportunity to sample as few (or as many) stalls as you like. At the weekend, we browsed 10 food stalls and there were also 4 drinks stalls and live music to keep the scene lively.

Now to give you an idea of what the market offers:

Babu Bombay Street Kitchen

Ròst Eats

Fresh R-evol-ution

Umami Spice Girl

Sweet treats by Champagne Celebrations



The only place offering Scottish tattie scone wraps, Scoff

The Buffalo Truck

barnacles & bones

In the end, everything sounded lovely, but I couldn’t resist a dish I’d been wanting to try for years but never got around to: mussels en frites from Ròst Eats. The mussels from Shetland were paired with beach coriander, parsley and lemon gremolata and freshly fried chips and everything tasted fresh and amazingly good. A friend who was visiting decided to go for the fish tacos from ShrimpWreck.

ShrimpWreck’s fish taco with sweet potato fries (top) and Shetland mussels en frites from Ròst Eats (bottom)

Unfortunately we had somewhere else to be, otherwise I would be tempted to stay for longer just so I can try the buttermilk fried chicken burger from The Buffalo Truck and get a sweet treat from the Cake Container. The sound of the prawn tempura burger from ShrimpWreck also sounded amazing, but unfortunately my tummy (and my feet) weren’t up for staying for too long.

The market runs every Saturday from 18th June to 30th July this year, so if you’re keen to check out the local food scene, head on over to the pitt this Saturday between 12:00 noon and 10:00pm – WOW 24/7 will be taking over! The pitt is located at 125 Pitt Street, EH6 4DE. For more information, visit their page here.


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