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Finding our Colour IDs with Colour Elements and Kakao by K

A group of Edinburgh Bloggers and I were invited to Kakao by K, an independent boutique that offers chic and affordable Scandanavian designs sourced by owner, Karina. The shop offers clothing and accessories that bring with it a sense of Scandinavia: stylish, affordable, good quality and yet practical. For a group of women who love to look for stylish and good quality clothes, we were like children in a sweet shop.

All of us, at one point, have struggled to know what colours or styles would suit our unique colouring and body shape. Colour Elements was on hand to give us some tips on finding the colours that we should be concentrating on when finding the perfect outfit.

Colour Elements is a brand that provides decision making too to enable customers to make better decisions when shopping with regards to colours that work well for them. The company believes that customers who feel amazing with their choice of colour in their clothes tend to reward them and this creates a more sustainable wardrobe and confidence is evoked within their customers.

The age old saying of you should be wearing the garment, not letting the garment wear you comes to mind and this is quite true. The clothes (and colours) you wear should compliment your body and colouring, not make you look pale. It should help you stand out, let people see you and not directing focus to your skirt, dress trousers or top.

Karina, owner of Kakao by K, gave us a brief explanation of the concept behind the store (providing women in Edinburgh with affordable, yet practical and stylish fashion with a Scandanavian touch before Karen, head honcho behind the Colour Elements brand name, was on hand to explain how the concept of Colour Elements worked. Through a brief personal consultation, you will be given your personal colour ID based on the 4 elements: earth, fire, air and water (Karen is in the process of looking into a fifth element, metal, which is used in Chinese astrology). A quick demonstration was then given with the assistance of her lovely intern, Laura, on how wearing the right colours can brighten up a person’s mood and instantly make people take notice.

While each blogger was getting their personal consultation, we had the opportunity to chat with the lovely ladies at Kakao by K and Colour Elements interns, Lynsey and Laura, while perusing the beautiful clothing, accessories and jewellery on offer. For a store on Thistle street offering high quality edgy and feminine products, we were a bit hesitant to find out the prices, but were surprised to find that they are completely affordable for women of all budgets. Who needs another reason to go shopping?

Just look at the beautiful variety of colours!

Unfortunately, I had been shopping a bit too much the weekend before and had to restrain myself from buying the entire shop. After the event, where the lovely staff at Mother’s Gin & Draft Bar served gin cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks, we were invited to head over to the bar on Howe Street where we could continue our conversation over nibbles and a cocktail. For an independent gin and draft bar, they have a great variety of gins (over 100 we’ve been told!) on offer which is a great achievement to boast!

Mother’s Gin & Draft Bar

For gin cocktail specials, there was a lot of choice, so much so it was quite difficult to try and decide on one. Whatever each blogger got, it was lovely.

Blogger night out with gin cocktails!

We were also given food to go with our drinks, but it was somewhat disappointing to be promised a meal but receiving nibbles. There were also quite a lot of vegetarian bloggers attending but only one of the canapés served (in addition to the cupcakes) were meat-free.

Canapés at Mother’s Gin & Draft Bar

On a lighter note, we were each given a lovely gift in our goody bag, courtesy of the lovely ladies at Kakao by K. We all got a simple but beautiful magnetic-closure bracelet and some bloggers received a beautiful printed scarf while others (like me) got a lovely layered gold plated silver necklace.

Necklace gifted by Kakao by K

There was one ring that I saw on the night of the blogger event that I couldn’t stop thinking about. Eventually I gave in to temptation and visited the store again to purchase the beautiful rose gold-plated silver ring with cubic zirconia.

My lovely new double cross rose gold-plated silver ring inlaid with cubic zirconia

It’s a truly beautiful statement piece that turns heads, I’ve already received a lot of compliments for it! A lot of the designs in Kakao by K are styles that I can see myself wearing. With a little help from the ladies at Colour Elements in devising a lean colour wardrobe to improve the life of your staple pieces, I can see that we would be improving our spending habits: by wearing clothes more often that are specifically suited to us, but also spending less money on unnecessary or unflattering pieces that lay at the back of our closets.

Kakao by K can be found on 45 Thistle Street, EH2 1DY. Drop by and have a chat with the lovely ladies in the store and don’t be surprised if you might be handed a glass of bubbly while you shop!

To get your personal colour ID, get in touch with Colour Elements (here’s how) to restructure your wardrobe today! You can also download the Colour Elements app (currently only available in the iTunes store) to bring with you a guide of what colours to shop for.

Thank you to everyone at Kakao by K, Colour Elements and Mother’s Gin & Draft Bar for a lovely evening!


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