Shaking it up: All Bar One cocktail masterclass

Recently I was invited to a cocktail masterclass at All Bar One Exchange Plaza. I was looking forward to mixing some cocktails with the OH who came along with me as a guest. We arrived at the same time as various other guests and were welcomed into the spacious, but cosy, bar with a glass of prosecco and poker chips.

The interior is nicely decorated and it seemed (by the number of glasses poured) that it was going to be a busy event. We found ourselves a bench to sit at and waited for an introduction on what to expect from the evening. In the meantime, I mosied around taking photos of the bar before it started getting busy.

There were a few other guests that arrived at the same time as us but sat at other tables. I noticed there were also reserved tables and areas for other companies that seemed to also be attending the same event. The waiting staff were circulating the tables and offering us canapés while we waited for the event to start. There were lovely offerings from scampi to charcuterie, bruschetta and teriyaki chicken skewers. We noticed a bar area set up for House of Peroni and Monkey Shoulder with times noted for which demonstrations were going to take place throughout the night.

THe OH and I sat for a while longer hoping to catch some more of the canapés that were being brought out of the kitchen, but after a while we decided to join the queue to try our hand at making our own cocktails. Well, the OH was very receptive and made his own Peroni Spritz (with Aperol, grapefruit and Prosecco stirred over ice and topped with Peroni Nastro Azzurro) while I took photos of the bartender mixing my Monkey Jam Sour (Monkey Shoulder whisky, Chambord, raspberry, sugar syrup and lemon juice).

My Monkey Jam Sour

The OH’s Peroni Spritz (left) and my Monkey Jam Sour

While we enjoyed our cocktails, it seemed the promised canapés have stopped getting circulated halfway through the night. I thought this was a bit of a difficult situation where customers were encouraged to purchase alcoholic drinks while no food was being served to balance this out.

While the waiting staff were friendly enough, the cocktails were lovely and the food tasty, I must say that I was sorely disappointed with the service we all received as guests for the night. Hopefully a return visit as a customer might be better.


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