Networking with Edinburgh Watch Company and Knockhill Racing at Aston Martin

When presented with the opportunity to mingle amongst luxury supercars, the OH loves seeing them up close. He had to miss the last event at Lamborghini because of work, so he was determined not to miss this one at Aston Martin.

Showcasing Jonathan’s fine pieces of wristwear from the Edinburgh Watch Company, interviews with promising Knockhill Racing drivers and Johnny Walker Gold and Belvedere served at the bar, it was set to be every luxury and/or supercar enthusiast’s dream event.

With over 200 guests at the exclusive event held at the Aston Martin showroom, it was a wonderful turnout in support of the companies being showcased. Guests sipped on cocktails mixed at the bar manned by Juniper mixologists or glasses of Prosecco while mingling and admiring beautiful cars and watches. Music was also provided my Funk Wagen in a classic VW minivan!

Funk Wagen

Interview with promising young motorsport racers (second from left to right): Aiden Moffat, Rory Skinner and Ross Wylie

Everyone enjoyed admiring the cars and beautiful watches up close; unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to get any upclose photos of Jonathan’s watch display as it was usually crowded.

The next event is geared towards the creatives: the photographers, designers, bloggers, social media gurus, the printers, the painters and the candle stick makers! If you’d like to meet other like-minded creatives to collaborate on a project, this is your chance. The event will be head at The Uncover Lab on Friday 26th February. Be sure to purchase your ticket here.


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