Food for Thought

Take the Tiny Buddha Love Pledge to a happier life

Today, we’re all so consumed with what needs to be done next in our pile of tasks. Living in a hustle and bustle city means that we often forget what it means to be kind to, and show respect for, others. We sometimes forget that compassion to others does not always mean giving yourself away. A small act of kindness goes a long way to healing our soul, and giving the other person a bit of positivity.

I’ve decided to take The Tiny Buddha Love Pledge to try and restore my own awareness to others around me.

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It’s not so much a pledge to always be doing something charitable towards others. It’s not about expecting you to go out of your way to be kind; it’s a pledge to be kinder to yourself while also showing friends as well as strangers you meet on the street that kindness and compassion still exists.

In the midst of a cloud of negative emotion, it’s so easy for us to lose control of what we say. I remember having a really bad day and one kind (and unexpected) Whatsapp made me feel so much happier the rest of the day. Imagine what your words can do for a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while, or a complete stranger who might be going through some terrible times.

It is within us to show kindness and to restore faith in humanity. Will you take the pledge?


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