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Lamborghini Edinburgh: an Entrepeneurs and Start Ups networking event

After a successful networking event for those in the hair and beauty industry, Of One Mind hosted a networking event to introduce entrepreneurs and some of UK’s most successful start-ups to each other among the most stunning cars in the Lamborghini and Bentley Edinburgh show rooms at Fort Kinnaird.

Through the night, everyone wandered the premises admiring the beautiful designed automobiles while also talking about the sparkling watch collection on display from Jonathan, Director of Edinburgh Watch Company; appreciating the fine botanical taste of Daffy’s Gin (Which was voted Best London Dry Gin in the International Wine & Spirits awards 2015; and talking about what’s under the hood with Zach of Lamborghini and Bentley Edinburgh who was also gracious enough to let us sit in the luxurious cars. We kept drinks and any potentially sharp objects well away, of course, and gingerly sat/extricated ourselves from the exquisite specimens. There was also a demonstration from Boombarbers and a DJ to set the mood.

Once again, fine cocktails were served by Juniper Edinburgh, this time mixed with Haig Club whisky.

It was a great evening with lovely catered food, music, cocktails and company. To hear the passion in the voices of some of the speakers meant that I took away one important detail: be passionate about what you do, and make it the best.

Towards the end of the night, we also got chatting to a gentleman who is spreading the word about a social endeavour him and his business partner are working on. I hope to bring you more details of that soon!


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