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Joining the #ReplacetheLace revolution: Hickies no lace system!

As much as I love my Reebok Les Mills Combat trainers, one of the problems I have is how long the laces are. They are that long that I tuck the ends into the laced section of the trainers themselves. The OH thinks it’s because I don’t thread them through the top holes, but I like the convenience of slipping them on and off. When I came across the site for Hickies, I was intrigued and wanted to know more about the #ReplacetheLace system that seems to be catching on. Of course, with an offer on, I couldn’t help buying into it myself!

It all started when Mariquel and Gaston decided to develop a concept which got rid of shoe laces, and so the Kickstarter campaign was started last year. It managed to raise over 600% of its target and is now a big success with various athletes. You can also take a peek at their Lookbook which shows Hickies being used in different sports. M

Made from memory-fit performance elastomer that moves with your feet, the Hickies lacing system promises to offer an unbeatable combination of fit, function and fashion. With the trouble I was having with my laces, I decided to give it a try.

You can see how long the laces are on Miss Combat on the right shoe

You get 14 units per pack, at the moment if you order 3 packs (£12 per athletic pack and £14 for the metallic ones) you get free UPS postage from Switzerland! I like co-ordinating my colours, so I bought a pack of black/pink ones for Miss Combat and some yellow sets for my black/white/yellow pair.

I had a look at their instruction video on how to attach the Hickies and it seemed pretty straightforward. It can also be adjusted depending on how tight/loose you want them to fit by following their instructional videos for regular, tight or loose fit.

Regular from HICKIES – love your kicks on Vimeo.

When I opened the pack, I wasn’t sure how tightly I should adjust my Hickies, but I thought I’d try with the regular fit and see how snug that fits before trying the other fits. The unit itself isn’t that long, so it seemed the best choice to go with the normal fit first.

Up close of the Hickie

It was surprisingly flexible when inserted in the holes. The lace holes on the Combat trainers are quite thin and rectangular and with the loop on one end of the Hickie, I wasn’t sure whether it would fit but it went through quite easily. The only thing with the no tie system is it can be a bit tricky getting it right with the first one. Once I had the unit inserted on both sides, I wasn’t really sure how to get the tail of the loop hidden. It is a bit fidgety because you need to insert the tail into the slot before looping the loop over the button. The next ones are a bit easier, as long as you start from the top (wider) part of your trainers first as you can see the Hickie pulling your shoe in.

Miss Combat with Hickies inserted (left) compared to the laces it came with (right)

It’s less colourful without the laces, but I felt it was definitely a much better fit with the elastomer holding my shoes in place. At some points during my classes, the laces feel just right with tightness, but when I’m doing lunges during Pump, I can feel the back heel slipping as it has no grip as I mentioned in my review of the trainers. I immediately tried them on after I inserted the Hickies into both shoes, but the real test is yet to come when it’s used in Combat.

Wearing Miss Combat x Hickies to class

I had thicker athletic socks on for Combat and it meant a snug fit, but it definitely felt more secure. I also tested them by bending my feet and there was no slippage whatsoever. While doing sidekicks and shuffles, sometimes it did feel maybe a bit too tight, but with everything you wear for the first time, I’m expecting the system to get a bit looser with time. I have to say that it feels very secure, given that in Combat there’s a lot of movement: jumping, lunges, kicks (front, side and roundhouse), shuffles and capoeira gingas, the Hickies kept my trainers in place and not once did I have any issues that I had with laces on these trainers or previous ones I’ve worn.

Overall, I’m definitely pleased and happy with how neat Miss Combat looks without the floppy, clumsy laces. I do miss the flash of pink from the laces, but it looks a lot cleaner and neater with the matching black and pink Hickies. I can’t wait to swap the laces out of the black and yellow pair with one of the other two Hickies sets I bought!

You can enjoy a 15% discount with your first purchase your Hickies no lacing system from their online store by using the code SAVE15 in the promotional code section on checkout. Prices range from £12 for an athletic pack (with 24 colour combinations to choose from) or £14 for the metallic pack (a choice of 4 metallic colour combinations).


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