My top 3 bucket list destinations

Everyone has a bucket list, whether it’s written down or in our heads. We want to do things in this lifetime before we decide we’re no longer able to fulfill those dreams. We want to say something we never thought we’d say, do something we’d always dreamt of doing and travel to destinations we always thought were beyond our reach. What if you were given a chance to fulfill some of those dreams; where would you go, what would you do?

Here’s my top 3 destinations on my bucket list.

Source: Telegraph UK

Destination 1: Egypt

Growing up listening to my dad teach me all about different countries and their wonderful, rich culture and history, this was not a difficult choice for me. Exploring the wonders of how the pyramids were built, understanding how slaves came into play in the religious history of Moses depicted in the film The 10 Commandments and as one of the 7 Wonders of the World, who wouldn’t want to explore a country with thousands of years worth of history and practice of age old traditions? Watching The Mummy in my teens reinforced my dream to see the sphinx, pyramids and the River Nile up close and trying to decipher heiroglyphics. How about a visit to Cairo, to see the imprints on the Egyptian capital left by Pharoahs, Babylonians, Romans and Greeks on the infrastructure and architecture of the city? Or to see the pyramids, sphinx and necropolis in Giza? While I’ve heard about camels spitting, I’d fancy myself an adventurous person to some extent and would like to try my hand at riding one too!

Source: Telegraph UK

Destination 2: The North Pole

I confess I’ve never been much for travelling to destinations to enjoy nature. Over the recent years though while staying at campsites in wigwams with the OH and the kitties, I’ve developed a new appreciation for the beauty of nature and solitude away from too many modern conveniences and technology. Have you ever thought about what you’ll find at one end of Earth? It’s a sight to behold to see the Aurora Borealis from a clear sky with only shifting plates of sea ice during the period between Summer Solstice and the Autumn Equinox. Through my recent shift in mindset that I should activities I was always a wee bit wary of trying, travelling to The North Pole seems a bit extreme, but there’s also the opportunity to go riding on a snow mobile, a husky sled mush as well as reindeer sleigh rides across the tundra with Transun!

Source: Transun

Source: Kellie Netherwood

Destination 3: The Scottish Highlands

It might sound like a big cliché that I’d like to visit the Scottish Highlands when I live in Edinburgh. As small a country as it is, it still takes a fair amount of mileage and money to travel to the northern part of the Scottish Highlands and to visit the islands. Famous for its beautiful landscapes and nature as well as local brewed varieties beer, lager and whisky, there’s plenty to cater to all ages and interests. One of my favourite sites to visit was seeing animals roaming in generously allocated pens at the Scottish Highland Wildlife Park, but we haven’t visited a lot of the sights (like Ben More and the Cairngorm mountains) or the outlying islands. The time we went to Ullapool for a quick weekend trip took 8 hours alone, but it would be a dream to eventually go back to see the Isle of Skye and the other islands before I die.

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