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Become an entrepeneur from home with Stella & Dot jewellery

Today’s society is filled with so many opportunities to explore your own interests and passions, it feels as if we’re constantly overloaded with stimulation or paths to explore. I previously posted about the world of multi-tasking and how it’s sometimes difficult to find a balance for all the demands and tasks we juggle on a daily basis.

Often, we find ourselves trying to fit in extra curricular activities, additional jobs, or raising a family at the end of a long day at the office. What if there was an opportunity for you to do something you might enjoy while making business from your venture? Stella & Dot offers women such opportunities from the comfort of their own homes.

CEO and Founder,Jessica Herrin, started Stella & Dot by hosting her first trunk show from her own living room in Austin, Texas in 2003 and since it has rapidly expanded to the UK in 2011 and Germany soon after. Now present in the US, Canada, UK, Germany and France and delivering to 12 additional European countries, Stella & Dot has been featured in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times and in countless fashion publications such as InStyle and Vogue.

The company’s ethos of supporting independent sellers who run their own flexible, part or full time Stella & Dot business out of their homes, selling affordable luxury accessories through our innovative social selling model now boasts of 20 000 stylists worldwide – 2000 in the UK and Ireland alone.

A quick look at their online shop, it’s quickly apparent why the business is so successful. By working directly with the finest stone cutters and component makers, sourcing our own goods to eliminate the markup of a middle man, high quality products are delivered at reasonable prices. The company also allows women from different walks of life to earn additional income, doing what they love: talking shop and jewellery!

Not only are there styles to suit women with different styles, there are also simple delicate (and statement) pieces that you can layer or wear on its own to suit every occasion.

Silver Sutton necklace, £110 – will become available for shipping 1st May

Gold sculpted metal cuff bracelet, £65

Hannah chandelier earrings, £40

Deco cocktail ring, £35

Silver circle Marnie link bracelet, £65

Christina link bracelet in silver, £40

Aurora cocktail ring, £40

I love their designs and the thought that by pairing up with a stylist near you, not only are you getting a personal style service, but you’re also supporting local independent women who are supporting themselves through their local jewellery styling business.

Another reason why I wholeheartedly support Stella & Dot is their contribution to raising awareness for The National Autistic Society, a charity close to my own heart.

Visionary bracelet benefiting The National Autistic Society, £35

This April, all net proceeds from customer purchases of the Visionary Bracelet will benefit the National Autistic Society, dedicated to providing a better world for people with autism.

The name, Visionary, represents looking beyond what’s possible, the colors of the rainbow thread represent the diversity of the people and families living with autism, and the brightness of the thread and black diamond crystals signals a vision of a bright future through awareness.

Stella & Dot

If you’re interested in becoming a Stella & Dot Stylist, you can read more and sign up for a starter kit here.

Are you a Stella & Dot Stylist or know someone who is? I would love to hear about your experiences!


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