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Happy Easter, everyone!

Happy Easter Monday! The weather’s been lovely for the weekend and it’s been nice to get out and get things done while it’s sunny instead of cold and wet! It’s been a busy weekend for me, but the most important thing is, I got myself an Easter egg when I was at the shops. Forget about the chocolate egg, I couldn’t resist the sheep ears!

Sunday, especially, I think has been my most productive day this weekend. I’ve been working hard on my white wedding dress on Friday, but on Sunday, I went to my first CaveFit session at Granton.

It was their open weekend and since I was recommended to give it a try, I couldn’t resist having a go to see how tough and strong I really am. It was also good fun to see Bex (Evil Ginger) who’d also signed up and came along! It’s really not a big macho competition to see who can crunch, bench press or lift the most; it’s really about working towards your own limits and working towards building up on your own strengths.

The gym is set up for circuit training, which basically means you move from station to station for HIIT (high intensity interval training). Once you’ve finished at one station, you move on to the next to work a different part of your body.

We were all challenged to go further than what we thought we were capable of and I’m proud to say I came out of that open day session without being sick. That’s a story for another day! It was a great session and if the board is anything to go by, we were all letting out our inner beasts. I know I did in between all the sweat and frustration!

After a gruelling morning, I had a nice walk from Granton to Stockbridge where a friend was having an Easter lunch afternoon in the sun.

A walk through the park in Granton

Our Easter cake!

My slice with a pink sheep on top 🙂

That’s all from me today. Better get back to running more errands and get cracking on finishing the white wedding dress so I can post an update for you all soon!


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