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Double whammy thrill-seeking, fundraising events!

For those of you who were reading my blog last year would know that I participated in a 3-hour Combatathon challenge in support of Macmillan Cancer Suppport. Apart from a few minutes recovery break between each hour, we pretty much battled our way through the burn of lactic acid in our muscles and unleashed our inner warriors that night in August. Now, I’m pushing the envelope even further – and I need your support.

Last year thanks to everyone – family, friends and readers – I managed to raise over £880.86 (after all the fees for JustGiving etc were deducted) for Macmillan in addition to my £5 donation to enter in the event. This year, I’m once again participating in a 3-hour Combatathon at Meadowbank Stadium in Edinburgh on the 23rd April, this time in support of Walk the Walk. The charity was founded by Nina Barough and was recognised as an official charity in 1998. Walkers, women and men take to power walking the marathon – in their bras – in support of breast cancer. This is where the stakes get higher.

Not only have I committed to the Combatathon but I’ve also signed up for something that I never thought I would do.

My friends can tell you I’m deathly afraid of heights. I’m so bad, I freeze if I stand by a glass balcony overlooking the centre of a shopping centre, standing on the glass floor of the CN Tower or walking down the stairs of the Eiffel Tower. I get weak legs even when I’m looking down from the top step of a flight of stairs or walking along a narrow one-person wide walkway or bridge!

In the name of the Edinburgh Sick Kids Friends Foundation, I am literally throwing myself out of a plane. On the 25th April, 2 days after the Combatathon, I will be jumping out of a plane in a tandem skydive to: 1) raise money for a very worthwhile charity, 2) battle my acrophobia (fear of heights) and 3) knock an activity from my bucket list.

Source: Ephesus Skydive and Tandem Skydive Selcuk

Here are some fun (but scary!) facts about skydiving:

  • The aircraft will be 10 000 feet above ground level when we jump out of the plane
  • We’ll be diving at 120mph through the air in free fall
  • The parachute will be deployed at 5000 feet above ground level

To make this happen, I would ideally need to raise at least £350 and you can do so by either donating on our team JustGiving page or by texting SQAT58 £xx to 70070. I would very much, where possible, like to raise as much as I did last year, but this time hopefully raise more in the name of 2 charities.

Please support me in my fundraising efforts and donate generously!


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