Sit back, relax, read a book and have a cuppa!

I’m sure it’s not just me, everyone will be feeling the pressures of work right about now. It’s definitely crunch time and the pressure’s on to keep on top of my workload. Not only that, but I’m trying to get final details organised for the wedding too.

I was meeting some staff with Zomato UK and it was suggested we visit Cairngorm Coffee. I’m quite a stickler to my usual favourite haunts, but am always happy to experience new places, so that’s where we met for a coffee chat.

Edinburgh is known in for having shops on ground level and another establishment (sometimes flats) in the basement. Cairngorm Coffee is one of those below ground floor and can be easily missed unless you’re looking out for their signature sign of the Cairngorm Mountain Range.

The cafe itself isn’t too big, but it houses an range of crafted wood furniture and eclectic decor.

Recently I discovered that cow’s milk doesn’t agree with me. I’m not sure if it’s the lactose or something else, but since I switched to soy and hazelnut milk, I’ve not really had any issues so I’m sticking with them. I’ve also had a funny tummy on occasions with coffee from other cafes (I honestly blame it on my sensitive tummy, no one else I know have had any issues) so I stuck with breakfast tea which came beautifully presented.

I always thought that tea tasted the same no matter where you go. I should’ve known better – if you can get different qualities in dishes you order from different restaurants, how could that not also apply to tea? I’ve got to say, strange as it sounds, that the breakfast tea I ordered at Cairngorm has got to be one of the best cuppas I’ve ever tasted. I would definitely suggest if you’re looking for a nice quiet place to enjoy some peace and quiet or to meet some friends for a chat, head on over!

Another thing I’ve been trying to do is read hardback and paperbacks more. Since I got myself a Kindle some years back, all I’ve been doing almost every day is ordering free books on offer that day. I get newsletters that tell me when books are free for a limited period of time and I make sure I download the ones I’m interested in right then and there. Here are a couple of books I’ve bought and is on my reading list:

Choosing the Simply Luxurious Life: A Modern Woman’s Guide by Shannon Ables, Kindle edition £6.36 or paperback £11.80 from Amazon UK

In today’s society, women want to look fashionable while earning a high income to fund those high end products we covet so much. For those of us who can’t always afford to buy designer goods (whether straight from the shop or those in good condition bought second hand), there is a way for us to still live a simply luxurious life as Shannon Ables of blog The Simply Luxurious Life. The book teaches you how to still have a rich and fulfilling life – it’s the choices you make, not your income or financial assets, that are the most powerful determining factor for your quality of life.

Wall and Piece by Banksy, £11.24 from Amazon UK

The other book I’ve purchased is more of an art book than a good read. I enjoy spray paint/graffiti art, as you might have noticed with my interest in Ray Ferrer’s canvas artwork. Banksy is one graffiti artist whose work I admire; not only for his skill at wielding a spray paint can, but also for challenging societal norms and government stance on political matters.

Cairngorm Coffee can be found at 41a Frederick Street, EH2 1EP and is open between 8:00am and 6:00pm. Call 0131 629 1420 for any enquiries.

Any cafes you’d like to recommend or books for a good read?


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