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A new fitness regime: CaveFit or CommandoFit?

I can’t say that I’ve been the most dedicated in attending weekly capoeira classes, but since I heard a mention of a new fitness programme introduced in Edinburgh, my ears perked up and the competitive ego in me wanted to try it to test my physical limits.

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CaveFit Circuits focus on strength training and high-intensity body work to burn considerable amounts of body fat while stimulating your metabolism within in a 45 minute period…Through strength training we tear down your muscle tissue, which ‘costs’ calories as the body recovers and rebuilds in the hours following a CaveFit Circuit workout. Better still, hitting the iron hard elevates powerful anabolic hormones in your body that stimulate both recovery and fat burning.

It is our goal to balance your nervous system, challenge the heart and improve your blood-sugar control, leading to a better body composition.

CaveFit Edinburgh

I’ve never been a fan of working out on my own in the gym, mainly because 1) I’m not familiar with most of the equipment, 2) most gyms are filled with big, muscular buff guys who seem to want to impress or intimidate others with how much they can bench press or lift, and 3) I’ve never found working with machinery on my own appealing.

I’ve been a big fan of Les Mills BodyCombat and have been religiously attending my twice weekly sessions mainly because I do feel like I’m being challenged and motivated by others who have a higher level of fitness than myself. Not only that, the mixed martial arts based programme appeals to my interest as a child when I learned kung fu.

I realised that being able to maintain a certain level of fitness wasn’t enough for me. I might have better endurance and willpower to forge ahead and ignore the lactic acid burning through my muscles, but I needed to have the strength to go with the power behind my punches. Despite my improved level of fitness, I still wasn’t able to lend a helping hand around the house with carrying and lifting heavy loads. That thought prompted me to start BodyPump a year ago at the end of the month.

Althought I continue to challenge myself with each new release and mix of tracks from previous releases, I’m still pushing myself harder in Combat and slowly working up the strength to increase the weights on my bar in Pump. I’m always on the lookout for a challenge on what else I can do next and it was a Combat instructor I know who went to a CaveFit session and raved about it on Facebook.

Personal Trainer and Fitness Manager Peter Oakden started the gym in 2014 and comes with a background in various military training. After leaving the forces, he dedicated his time to gaining his Fitness qualifications to provide his clients with specialist experience & knowledge in Functional Training, Weight Loss, Nutrition, Military Readiness & Event Preparation.

So what exactly is involved in the sessions?


The programme includes functional fitness circuits designed with a variety of strength training and metabolic conditioning workouts to take your fitness to a whole new level. Each workout is tailor made for you, your goal and your own level of fitness.

You can expect:

– More results in less time
– Reduced body fat and gain lean muscle mass
– Improved strength and bone density
– Increased body strength and stamina
– Reduced stress levels
– Decreased risks of cardiovascular disease & increased cardio output
– Increased confidence

For those who want a more intense training session, you can also experience the hour-long CommandoFit sessions held on Wednesday evenings between 8:00pm and 9:00pm.


CommandoFit combines modern metabolic training methods with one of the most advanced military physical training systems know to man. Each 60 minute session is specially constructed for those who need to be pushed to their physical and mental limitations with a combination of military conditioning and tactical strength exercises. Ideal for event preparation & military readiness.

You can expect:

– Access to a military training system reserved for the elite
– Increased endurance and strength
– Improved co-ordination
– Reduced stress levels
– Reduced body fat and gain lean muscle mass
– Increased body strength and stamina

I’ve been talking it through with my Combat instructor who’s been to both and enjoyed both of them. It really depends on how hard you really want to push yourself I suppose, but I haven’t really yet made up my mind which would suit me more. I’m not looking to be prepared for any sort of event, but I do want to build up my stamina and improve my current level of fitness. Any suggestions?

CaveFit sessions cost £6 while CommandoFit sessions are £8. You can also block book multiple sessions of 4, 8 or 12 for a discount. All sessions must be booked using the online booking system.

CaveFit Edinburgh is located at Unit 5 West Shore Business Park at Long Craig Rigg, EH5 1QT. Opening hours are 6:30am to 9:00pm Monday to Friday and 9:00am to 12:00pm Saturdays. For any enquiries, phone 07842 605398 or drop them an e-mail.

Have you been to CaveFit or CommandoFit sessions? Do you enjoy it? What’s your favourite part? Which would you recommend more, CaveFit or CommandoFit?


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