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Supporting a talented artist in troubled times

Ray Ferrer is a talented spray paint artist who creates beautiful works of art using, you guessed it, spray paint cans. It’s not your typical street art of graffiti writing, but realistic renditions of scenes, objects or portraits. I’m like how there’s no deep interpretation or thoughts involved with Ray’s art; it’s raw and it’s open to everyone to appreciate the simple yet deep emotions the canvas evokes from the viewer.

Intuition limited signed and numbered art print by Ray Ferrer, £51.24

It is with a heavy heart that I read about the Ferrer family’s sad and unfortunate news: it was recently discovered Ray has a brain tumour that needs operated on and the couple needs your help.

It will be a long road of recovery for Ray, a full time artist, while he undergoes various tests, surgery, treatment and chemotherapy. His wife, Rhian, will need to put her two part-time jobs aside to become a full time carer to her loving husband. Anyone who’s been through difficult times like this can understand how difficult it is to just leave behind your job because of a serious medical condition.

To lose the ability to earn a living is hard. Ray is still fighting to do what he loves most: creating beautiful art for his audience while fighting the baseball sized tumour sitting on the right side of his brain. It’s a difficult time for fellow bloggers (like me and so many others) who are reading on any updates we can get, as well as Ray and Rhian themselves. As you can imagine, this is a truly tricky situation.

This is where you lovely readers and bloggers come in! To help Ray and Rhian, a GoFundMe page has been set up. You can donate through their site to help them cover medical expenses. You can also support Ray and Rhian by purchasing original art or art prints from his Etsy shop, UrbanWall Art. There is a 50% discount offer in the shop by using code ART50 on checkout.

Please open your heart (and wallets if possible!) to support a talented artist. Even if you’re not able to, please send positive thoughts their way or keep them in your prayers.

Skin Deep limited signed and numbered art print by Ray Ferrer, £51.24

Typewriter limited signed and numbered art print by Ray Ferrer, £34.16

Demure limited signed and numbered art print by Ray Ferrer, £34.16

Heart of the Sea limited signed and numbered art print by Ray Ferrer, £51.24


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