Weekend in Glasgow: Part 3

On our final day in Glasgow, we decided to do a bit more sightseeing before we returned to Edinburgh. Although we’d passed by the building often, we’d never really spent much time walking around the different rooms at the Gallery of Modern Art at Royal Exchange Square.

The day we visited the gallery, the #ArtFromElsewhere exhibition was available to the public to feast their hungry, creative eye on. The touring exhibition is a collaboration with Hayward Touring with carefully curated artwork by David Elliot. The exhibition displays work from different artists around the world which were recently collected by 6 other museums in the UK.

Acquired through the Art Fund scheme, the collection will feature sculpture, video, photography, painting and installation from the likes of Peter Hujar, Paulo Bruscky, Ana Mendieta, Kara Walker and Amar Kanwar, as well as many others. Art From Elsewhere addresses a range of important topical issues; life in conflict zones, oppressive government regimes, the advent of capitalism and post colonial experiences.

Art in Scotland TV

Sweatopia (The Cry of the Gland II), 2010 by Jitish Kallat

Four Side Neon, 1968 by Stephen Antonakos

I’ve never been a great appreciator of art, not because I don’t like art, but because I don’t seem to have the same creative visual eye other artists do when it comes to abstract or contemporary art. I find myself gravitating towards the written word or visual art in the form of photography. From wandering around the 4 floors of the gallery filled with paintings, drawings, sculptures and videos, this is an exhibition that anyone can walk around and understand the complexities and beauty of each individual piece.

The #ArtFromElsewhere exhibition will be available to the public until 1st February.

For lunch, our friend recommended Via Italia as a great place to eat for a good price. I was keen to try the healthy natural food place, Martha’s, but was worried this wasn’t going to be enough food for the OH.

When my friend told me Via Italia was an Italian street food place, I instantly changed my mind about where we were going to eat. Sory, Martha’s, I’ll drop by next time!

Croquettes, pizza and my favourite, cannoli!

The restaurant is quite full around meal times, so be sure to arrive in plenty of time! If you’d rather take this away with you and eat on the go or take it home, regular street food style, your food comes in takeaway boxes already, so you’re ready to go.

The restaurant is famous for their piada (a flatbread with meat, vegetables, sauce and pasta). I was tempted to try it, but having eaten a big breakfast at the hotel, I decided to go for something lighter.

Pasta with vegetables and parmesan

Crispy chicken salad with croutons, rocket, mozzarella and garlic mayo

I’m not normally one for eating salads, I’ve got a hearty appetite around meal times and regardless of whether or not I’m hungry, I will finish my meal if it’s a dish I really like the sound of! The portions are very generous, so I was glad I went with the salad. Although it doesn’t seem like much of a lunch to be nibbling on greens, but with the chicken, croutons and mozzarella, I couldn’t finish. Even the OH ate about 2/3 of his pasta before giving up! We ended up eating the leftovers at home for dinner.

Via Italia can be found at 115 Union Street, at the corner of the street to the right of Central Station.


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