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After 2 weeks off, it’s hard to get yourself motivated about work again. Some will have already been to work between Christmas and New Year’s day and going back to work after the weekend will be hard going. Either way, I think some motivational words will help us all get through another Monday.

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What’s been most shocking for me about today’s society is how easily the younger generation is turning towards ending their own life as the way to escape from the pressure of being who they are. We’ve all gone through our teen years where we are already struggling to find ourselves and where we fit in society. It’s even more difficult for those like Leelah Alcorn to work through gender issues and feel like they’re not being supported in their struggles.

We all work through our struggles and sometimes having a strong support structure is important, but we need to remember not to give up hope either. We are worth fighting for. We need to remember other’s opinions of us don’t matter. You are who you are and you should be proud of that. You’re an individual with your own thoughts, emotions, opinions and rights. Don’t let others dictate your life and how you should live it. Do no harm to those around you and be proud of who you are.

Even if there are people in your immediate circles who don’t support you, there are organisations out there with communities of people in the same position that you can talk to.

As always, if you ever feel like you’re losing hope, there are organisations like this and this who can help.


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