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Coburg House Art Studios Open Day

This weekend was the open day for Coburg House Art Studios, a thriving hub of artists, designers and makers in the heart of Edinburgh’s Leith. At the weekend event, artists and designers displayed their art, whether it be ceramics, paper cut outs, costume designs, paintings or jewellery.

Personally, the visit to this treasure trove of individual artistry hidden away in Leith was an experience to remember. It was a hub of activity that inspired me and reminded me that my own creativity comes from within.

With the consent of the artists and designers, I am pleased to share with you some of the beautiful and creative works of some of the talent at the studios.

Margaret Ritchie, Artist

Margaret is an artist focused on capturing the beautiful sight of Scottish landscapes using acrylic and other medium to capture the changing seasons. My favourite was the block of prints of 4 Japanese seasons.

Urban Spaces

Veronica E Rose, Kiltmaker

Probably my longest conversation was with Veronica about making kilts. We had a lot of common topics to chat about, especially between the similar techniques used in pleating kilts and in dressmaking. It was also interesting to see that Veronica also relies on her Singer treadle machine quite a lot, a favourite old fashioned sewing machine of mine. I’m already coveting the OH’s mum’s treadle machine!

Emily Hogarth, Artist

Emily spends time, meticulously cutting out minute details on paper to bring to life creatures of the forest, quotes and landscapes to our homes. I was even shown proof of the jar of sharp blades she keeps handy for any papercut artwork she’s working on!

Emily’s workspace

The Corduroy Ark, Artist and jewellery designer

There’s something unique that captures your mind when you look at the artwork from this artist. While in some way whimsical, it might even be the slightly melancholic, about some of the pieces, yet the animals featured in most of the pieces seem to be happy. Some of the paintings have an ethereal aspect to them and yet the stuffed animal heads (I was told on good authority that they really are stuffed animal toys on display!) seem to be more acceptable than a mounted animal head which has been to the taxidermist.

Other artists or designers that have caught my eye include:

Cheese On Totes, Accessories Designer

Gráinne Broderick, Jewellery Designer

Julie Allison, Jewellery Designer

David Schofield, Artist

Marc Millar Photography

Catriona Stevenson Jewellery

Jenny Deans, Jewellery Designer

Lorna Hewitt Jewellery

A big thank you to all the artists and designers who consented to letting me take photos of their creations to be featured on my blog. Please note that photos should not be taken or used without prior permission.

Coburg House Art Studios have Open Days on the first weekends of August and December every year and can be found at 15 Coburg Street, EH6 6ET. You can contact them by phoning 0131 553 2266 or sending an e-mail.

To get updates and more information about exhibits and other exciting news, like their Facebook page.

Have you visited the studios during Open Day? Was there any particular artist/designer/maker that interested you? What did you purchase?


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