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Capoeira workshop with Contra Mestre Pedigree from Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

During the summer, I started taking capoeira classes and I’ve been learning a lot. It’s not an easy road, there are moves where you need to watch how you position your body to avoid injury as well as to defend yourself. You’re also trained to keep your eye on your partner/opponent so you know how to react. It’s also a learning curve when you’re not as agile (like me) to perform certain moves (like hand stands or cartwheels) well.

Over the weekend, the Capoeira Malungos Edinburgh group that I take lessons from hosted Contra Mestre Pedigree of Capoeira Malungos in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil for a 2-day workshop. Most capoeira groups are part of a much larger group with ties in various countries. The Malungos group can be found in Rio de Janeiro in Brasil; Bayonne, Saint Etienne and Paris in France; Amsterdam in The Netherlands; Copenhagen and Aarhus in Denmark and more.

I was only able to attend the 4-hour session on Saturday, which was full of music, singing and of course, practising capoeira moves. In the end, we had a roda where we were able to play with other members of the group, some of which I hadn’t had the chance to meet. We then reconvened afterwards for a potluck dinner and chat which was a lot of fun.

More photos were taken during the event, but I’ve only posted a few as I haven’t asked for other members’ consent if they wanted their photos added to my blog.


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