Shopping Habits to Break & How to Shop Smarter

Invaluable tips to look great, but keeping reality in check

Shopping Habits To Break

We, of all people, can definitely relate to “the love of shopping”. Our closets are overflowing, shoes and handbags are piling high and yet we often find ourselves complaining, “We have nothing to wear!” And yes, we admit that we’re also guilty of making a few out-of-budget purchases more often than planned. In this day and age, we’re constantly surround by a flood of style inspirations, whether it’s on the web via Instagram, Pinterest, or your favorite magazines and celebrity street style, it’s challenging to not get caught up with every “It” piece. Below are a few shopping scenarios and how to get around them.

  • Sacrificing Real-Life Things for Fashion: As much as we adore fashion and shopping, let’s be real… What good is it if you can’t make rent, pay your credit card, or even afford to eat? When you have your eyes set on a…

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