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As of yesterday, I’m officially on holiday for a week and a half and I couldn’t be happier! When work gets so busy, you really appreciate the time you get off just to relax and not do too much. It’s a day for new beginnings, so if you’re going out to celebrate Halloween tonight, have a great time dressing up or just having fun with friends! Here in Scotland, it’s the Celtic/Pagan celebration of Samhuinn to mark the end of harvest season and the start of winter. It doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing though, seasons come and go. With the end of one story, another one begins.

With this parting thought, I bring you today’s inspirational words of the day.

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Source: Alessandra Ambrosio Facebook page

Each new day brings a new set of challenges, a new set of opportunities. The moment you wake up, you are given the choice of harbouring old doubts, insecurities and resentment; or you can choose to leave this behind and think positively about what you can do about the day ahead. Holding onto negative thoughts and hurts holds you back in a moment in the past, choosing to leave these behind lets you move forward to a happier future. Why let the thoughts and moments of yesterday stop you from choosing happiness today? Take a deep breath and take that momentous step forward to a brighter future!

Now, if you’re in Edinburgh and would like to be part of this amazing Celtic/Pagan tradition, celebrate with the Beltane Fire Society as they celebrate with the Samhuinn Fire Festival. The procession starts at High Street (Royal Mile, towards Edinburgh Castle) and will work its way down Cockburn Street and finally to The Mound. It’s definitely a festival worth celebrating. I’ve been to their Samhuinn Fire Festival in 2008 and their Beltane Fire Festival in 2009, but with work and other prior commitments preventing me from attending another one, I’m definitely hoping to make an appearance tonight for the fire festivities.

Samhuinn Fire Festival 2014 – Join Us, Beltane Fire Society

Hope to see some of you there!


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