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Hello there, Stranger!

Ever felt that moment of excitement when you go home to see a parcel waiting for you with your name on it? Even when you’ve bought something online and know exactly what you’re getting, it’s that anticipation of opening up the box to find something beautiful, something that you really wanted, that you know will make you happy.

Well, what if you could make someone else happy, by sending them a parcel, and receiving one in return? It’s a great surprise and you won’t know what to expect, but your Perfect Stranger pal will be choosing gifts based on your likes and dislikes. It can be someone in the same country, or it can be someone from an entirely different continent.

Source: The Perfect Strangers Project

The concept of the project is to meet new friends by swapping letters and packages. It’s a great way of making someone’s day by sending them a surprise with things you picked out especially for your Perfect Stranger partner. Sometimes doing something so simple can go a long way in cheering someone up and reinstalling faith in the kindness of strangers, and how a simple act can change someone’s outlook.

Join our parcel-swapping bonanza!

Prepare a package for a stranger, and fill it with things you love. You’ll surprise someone. You might be surprised in return. You might even find a friend.

The Perfect Strangers Project

It might seem like a daunting task, what do you send someone based on their likes and dislikes? There is no limit to what you can send, but for the November swap project, there are a few items you need to include in your parcel:

    • Modern day message in a bottle– In a jar, you’ll need to include a memory/USB stick with your favourite songs, film, e-books or photos that you’d like to share. Usually it’ll be something you’d recommend often to friends, but feel free to send something personal you’d like to share about yourself.
    • What’s In My Bag? photocopy edition – this sounds like fun: basically empty your bag (without any sharp objects that might scratch) on the glass face of your photocopier and just…photocopy. The fun part is, little do we know what we carry in our bags can tell a lot about us! Annotate the picure however you like. I don’t think I could get away with this at work, I can try and see if I can do this with our printer scanner/photocopier, but if not the other option is to send a brand new product you keep in your bag.
    • A wintry treat – winter is coming after all, what better way than to cosy up wtih something perfect for the cold? With a price guide of £10, you don’t have to be extravagant: add some of your favourite tea bags or coffee, or even hot chocolate mix or a pair of fuzzy Christmas socks!

We won’t be given details of our Perfect Stranger partners until 10th November, which we’ll then have to get our presents organised and posted by 24th November, so there’s still time to prepare myself. All my friends can tell you I’m rarely spontaneous (I’m a big perfectionist and big on planning and knowing every single detail before taking a plunge) so doing something like this is quite nervewracking for me.

I have been trying to promote positive thinking and steps to changing our ways to finding happiness and one thing that’s sadly lacking in big cities is the kindness of strangers. It’s still clearly evident in Scotland, but you also meet some people that are, quite frankly, sketchy and you never really know who you can trust and that makes most people wary. Doing something like this makes me feel like I’ve done something positive and the thought that this could help cheer up someone’s day and allowing them to find even just a small bit of happiness fulfills my need for self satisfaction.

Below are some photos of previous swap packages that have been sent out to some lucky strangers:

The Perfect Strangers

The Perfect Strangers

The Perfect Strangers

The Perfect Strangers

The Perfect Strangers

The Perfect Strangers

The Perfect Strangers

I will update you all on my parcel before it gets posted and give you an idea of what’s being posted when I get further information on who my Perfect Stranger will be. Until then, feel free to sign up for the project and make another person happy with a perfectly tailored individual surprise.

The Perfect Stranger Project is a project by Oh Comely magazine. For further information on the Project, connect with the organisers on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


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