To the races we go! Bo'ness Hill Climb

Since we were on holiday the week before, I’m afraid I’ve been a bit slow with getting all the posts up to date. Some weeks ago, we were at another classic car show where the OH had his beloved classic Porsche on display with the car club. This was at Kinneil Estate where the Bo’ness Hill Climb Revival was held.

The original track is located on Falkirk Council owned Kinneil Estate. The current track has held hill climb races since its first official meetings in 1934 and 1935 and has since been extended and modified till its closure in 1966. Seven years ago, some hill climb enthusiasts opened up the track again where races are held annually.

Source: Bo’ness Hill Climb Revival

After taking photos of some of the cars on display, I decided to try my hand at the shutter speed techniques I learned from the photography workshop at the Millennium Hotel in Glasgow to capture action shots of the cars entered for the hill climb.

We even went to the field at the starting point where all the racing cars were parked to see the contestant motors.

This ol’ girl has wooden wheels and appears to have been made in 1904!

Have you ever been to a hill climb to witness the races? What are your thoughts on watching cars try and beat the competition as well as their personal best times?


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