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My birthday and new double forward helix piercing

I’m not big on celebrating birthdays these days. A lot of people don’t like celebrating their special day because on that one day, it’s a reminder that another year has gone by. I have no such reservations about getting older. Each year that passes, I feel that I have gained new life experiences that make me more aware of who I am and what I’ve learned from life.

Source: A Life, Lived

The reason I’m not big on celebrating birthdays is because I don’t believe in having just one special day. Sure, I’ll celebrate my friends’ birthdays because that day is all about them and I get to spoil them with gifts. Personally, I feel that if you want to have a special day spent with friends and loved ones, just organise a day and enjoy it! Don’t wait for a certain day in the year to do it, every day should be lived to the full! Unintentionally, I had an eventful lead up to birthday, with the Combat Cancer Combatathon for Macmillan Cancer Support and getting my forward helix pierced as a birthday present to myself.

Source: Inkdependent Tattoo Facebook page

I’ve only ever had traditional lobe piercings done (2 in the left and 3 in the right) and although I was contemplating between the traditional and microdermal piercings before, after consulting with the resident piercer, Wojtek at Inkdependent Tattoo, I was advised to get a double forward helix piercing because I didn’t have enough space on either ear for a triple.

The question I’ve been asked a lot, did it hurt? I have to say I have quite a high pain tolerance. After all, I’ve had 7 tattoos on different parts of my body. It really does come down to individual people’s pain tolerance levels and how they experience pain. No two people will feel pain the same way, just as people’s senses react differently, so I wouldn’t take my reaction to getting my forward helix pierced as the absolute truth. Some reviews I’ve read have said it’s a quick process and the pain felt like a pinch. For me? I’d rate the pain level at 7.5-8 out of 10. It was definitely worse than getting tattooed on nerves (like the back of my ankle or on my side), but it was still tolerable. My eyes watered and I think it was the surprise at how much worse it was than I’d imagined, but it was still tolerable. Wojtek was great as well and worked quickly, so between my arriving at the studio, getting the deed done and getting aftercare instructions I was in and out in 20 minutes.

I’d never really considered getting another piercing, but at the sametime I haven’t really thought about getting another tattoo just yet and getting my forward helix pierced appealed to me. Whenever I choose to get another tattoo, it will be when I’ve chosen one that I really want that is significant to me, in its design and the story behind it. I’ve been taking extra careful care of my new piercing as cartillage piercings are susceptible to infection. It’s now been over a week and it’s been healing nicely so far, so I’m looking forward to the day when I’ll be getting it changed to NeoMetal jewellery.

The day I turned 29 was a pleasant day spent opening lovely presents from friends, the OH and my sister who sent me a lovely leather bag and pair of pale gold Chucks, both from Ash.

One of the presents that brought back fond memories is the early present from my very best friend (I’ve known her since we were 5 – that’s 24 years we’ve been friends for!).

Little did I know that she’d kept the notebook we used to communicate back in high school! I had actually forgotten about it, but I was surprised she had kept it for all those years. In case you were wondering, my first entry dates back to 1999!

My very first entry in our notebook of letters to my best friend

It goes to show how the best of friends don’t let go just because you’re no longer in the same country. No matter how often I go back, we always make time to see each other and it’s as if we’ve never been apart. In my life, she has been the one constant friend who has been through all my good (and bad) days with me, even when she’s not there physically.

I was still nursing a sore back and shoulder blades from the Combatathon, so only went to Balance and Combat before picking up a friend who was in town for a few days from the airport. Ater walking around town for a bit, we decided to go to Jamie’s where we were served Tom Collins and Florence Fizz on the house (instead of the free bottle of Prosecco neither of us would have been able to finish) while we decided to share soft shell crab and seared tuna salads that were just….mouthwateringly good.

Top to bottom: Seared tuna salad and soft shell crab salad

To end the day, we were given a free brownie as one of the perks for being a Gold Club Member, but what really made my day was the unexpected touch the staff added to our chocolate brownie with salted caramel ice cream and caramelised popcorn.

Getting spoiled by the staff at Jamie’s. How sweet was that?

The work ethic at Jamie’s Italian is to work hard to ensure that every customer’s experience is a positive and memorable one. This definitely topped my list of memorable experiences at Jamie’s and I can’t thank the members of waiting staff enough for this special birthday.


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