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Independent Scotland or remain a United Kingdom?

In 13 days’ time, on Thursday 18th September, all British, Commonwealth or European Union citizens aged 16 or over living in Scotland are asked to cast their vote in making the most important decision about its future: should Scotland become independent from the UK?

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Source: The Telegraph

There are a lot of politicians and public supporters who have very strong opinions on which box voters should tick. Apparently, some companies are also issuing leaflets that appear to be supporting particular votes, which may be confusing the recipient. My friend Heather from YankeeDoodles even wrote about how seriously some of Edinburgh’s population is in casting their predictive votes – by buying cupcakes. It’s hard to know what the outcome will actually be. Given that The Cuckoo’s Bakery is situated in the New Town area of Edinburgh, ‘votes’ may reflect the views of a particular generation or group of the population. It is also entirely possible that some of those customers are buying cupcakes towards a particular vote, just for fun.

I’ve never been involved or interested in politics. I never really understood it, nor was I confident about which candidate would be the right one to vote for. After all, all politicians like to give a speech, based on what the public want and whether they actually go through with their promised plans. In the end, some go back on their promises right? But this is one vote I’m determined to vote in.

My voting card for the Scottish Referendum on 18th September

It affects my future too as much as anyone else in the UK. After sitting on the fence for the last couple of years, I’ve finally decided on where my vote will go, but I’m interested to know what you think.

Feel free to cast your vote in the poll below or add your comments. I’d like to hear your thoughts!


2 thoughts on “Independent Scotland or remain a United Kingdom?

    1. Thanks for stopping by, it wasn’t at all a difficult decision for me to make. My mind was made up a few months ago, but recent international political news made me realise I’m making the right choice. Chat more when we meet up on Friday 🙂

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