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A milestone achieved: 2 years since I started BodyCombat

1 September 2012. That was the day that changed my life and brought me on the road to a healthier lifestyle. It was my very first day of BodyCombat and I’ve never looked back. It’s hard to believe that Combat has been around for – we’re now on release 60, which means it’s been going strong for the past 15 years with 4 releases a year.

Source: BodyCombat Facebook page

Looking back on the past 2 years of Combat, I’ve really come a long way. My most memorable achievements have to be completing the 3 hour Combatathon and the Scooter Saturday class full of Scooter classics!

Over the years, there have been great tracks that I really enjoy working to:

  • BC 48, ‘Drummer Boy’ by Alesha Dixon – if you need a good leg and balance workout, Alesha’s your woman!
  • BC 50 Track 2, ‘Frozen’ by Big Fiesta – if you haven’t worked out to this track, you’re missing out on some great sword work!
  • BC 54Track 7, ‘The Switch’ by DJ Recoil – One of those work hard and work fast tracks, great for stress relieving!
  • BC 54 Track 9, ‘Internet Friends’ by Captain Karate Intention – this was the firs titme I was introduced to the ‘hip escape‘. It’s hard work, but you feel better for being able to do this!
  • BC 55, ‘Where Have You Been (Smithee Remix Edit)’ by Candid – It’s one of those great tracks to work to that makes you really feel like working harder
  • BC 57 Track 4, ‘The Phoenix’ by Fall Out Boy – what’s not to love about Fall Out Boy?
  • BC 59 Track 6, ‘Danger Zone’ by K Drew – T’his is the track I’ve dubbed The Beast’. I like the sedate start to the track with the Crane, but then turning it up to switch lunges? That’s a killer!
  • BC 60 Track 7, ‘Kryptonite’ by Proof Luke – Superman punch!

Off the top of my head, those are some of my favourite tracks to work with, but it doesn’t really matter which track you get, Scooter is always a winner with Combat! With each new release, it seems that Rachael and Dan are stepping up their game and making us work harder and I can’t wait to see what they bring to the table with release 61!

For any other Combat warriors out there, I’d like to hear your experiences and what your favourite tracks are!


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