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First of the Fringe: This Is Brasil – The Show

This Is Brasil – The Show Facebook page

Since I started capoeira, I’ve been fascinated with watching more experienced capoeiristas demonstrate their skill and style. I haven’t really had much of a chance to thoroughly go through the Fringe catalogue, but when I saw a poster for the show, I knew I had to see it. If you were given the opportunity to see Brazilian capoeiristas from the Olympic ceremony team, wouldn’t you jump at the chance to see the show?

Magary Lord, King of Afro-Samba, brings together performers from the streets of Rio and Bahia back for another Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Last year, Lord brought to Edinburgh Brazil Brazil!, this year it’s insight into Brasil with This Is Brasil – The Show.

This is Brasil — the real Brasil…

The sexiest summer samba party of the festival.

Freestyle football, thrilling dance, explosive percussion.

Zouk lambada, favela funk.

Unstoppable rhythm, jaw-dropping acrobatics, breathless football magic. 20 gorgeous performers from streets of Rio and Bahia set the festival alight.

Starring Magary Lord, Carnaval King, and his live eight piece legendary samba band, and stars of the Olympic opening ceremony, the finest six pack Capoeira dancers in the world.

Feel the Carnaval beats, and be swept away on this journey to the heart of Brazilian passion!

This Is Brasil – The Show

Trailer for Magary Lord’s show, Brazil Brazil!, which was performed at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2013

Right from the start, the show was full of energy and fast tempo beats that make you want to get up and start dancing. More than once, where it was possible, the performers encouraged the crowd to be part of the exciting performances and the audience responded just as enthusiastically.

The OH and I actually had tickets to the very first preview show on Wednesday 31st July where the show was unfortunately cut short halfway through due to the fire alarm going off in one of the other theatre halls at the Pleasance. We were luckily able to get exchange tickets to attend another show and we were impressed by how much more energy the performers seem to bring to each show.

It was a sight to behold, watching Magary Lord’s 8-piece Afro-Samba band performing, Paloma Gomes giving it her all with her vocal talents every night. The 3 female dancers, the 6-piece capoeira team and the freestyle footballers all impressed the audience with their skill and expertise.

The above photos are from the This Is Brasil – The Show Facebook page

My favourite part of the show was most definitely watching the Olympic ceremony capoeira team, but I was also blown away but the music and energy, but most of all, the sights and sounds of Brasil brought to the stage of The Grand, Pleasance. The one hour performance definitely brought you a taste of Brazilian culture and makes you wish you were there to see, hear and experience the real Brasil.

Be prepared to be enthralled by the beauty, sights and sound of Brasil, brought to you by people from the streets of Brasil.

For more information and photos, you can also visit the This Is Brasil – The Show Facebook page.

Catch the performers from This Is Brasil – The Show each night at 8pm until Monday 25th August at The Pleasance. Book your tickets online from the EdFringe or Pleasance websites, in person at the box offices or by phone 0131 226 0026.


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