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Inspiration of the day

I’ve always thought of Eleanor Roosevelt as one of my figures of inspiration, she is one smart lady. Not only was she the First Lady standing next to President Roosevelt for 12 years since he was sworn into office in 1933, but she was also a human rights activist, working with the United Nations and is one smart cookie. When I saw this quote on the Buddhist Boot Camp Facebook page, I knew I had to share her wise words of wisdom.

The first words of the First Lady’s I remember ever reading was almost like a sign for that particular stage in my life:

There are a lot of people you will meet in your lifetime that will give you their opinion and try to influence your thoughts and actions, but be true to yourself and your own personal beliefs. Don’t let hose that bring negativity and darkness influence your life. Remember those who have stood by you through the good and bad times, and those who encouraged you to chase after your dreams and made you believe nothing is impossible.

There are times when I might seem outspoken or rude, but I like to call a spade a spade and share my honesty. I’d rather be seen to be giving those that are important in my life the honest truth than have it come back later in the future that I was being dishonest.

Just remember that you are who you are because your experiences and beliefs made you that way. We can all learn to adapt to new stages and experiences in life, but there will always be people who don’t agree with your words or actions. Stay true to what you believe is right in your heart, but don’t use excuses to justify your actions if it means other people are hurt in the process.


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