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EVeryone knows what it feels like to grow up, never sure of who you are, where you fit in and how to be around others. High school can be a tough time for some while for others it can be a real breeze when you’ve got great friends. Some will criticise you for traits you’ve been complimented on by others. It’s so easy for others to make judgements based on first impressions, but there’s something every one of us should remember, no matter your walk of life:

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Every one is unique, learn to embrace your quirks and personality traits. Some might call me stubborn, but that same tenacity means never giving up on something worth fighting for.

I’ve been told I think or worry too much, but the same thought processes means I can think through all possible alternatives to make an informed decision and pay attention to details. I may be somewhat pessimistic, but in certain situations it means I don’t have high expectations and when I do succeed, it makes that positive event all the more exciting and memorable. I have a dry sense of humour and can sometimes come off blunt, but I prefer honesty (including giving and receiving the brutal truth) than give people a false impression of reality. I can seem friendly but closed off when I meet new people, but it means I know who my real friends are and who I can trust to keep in my close knit circle of friends.

What A Shame by Shinedown, from the album The Sound of Madness.
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Learn what makes you who you are. Think about the traits you feel could be construed as negative and how it has been a positive personality trait in your life.

As long as what you do does not hurting other people, don’t let others tell you how to be.

Be true yourself and surround yourself with friends who support you and tell you the truth when you need it.

What would you say is your biggest strength? Which has been perceived as a negative personality trait but has been one of your strongest positives?


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