Food for Thought

Community spirit with Edinburgh's Got Soul

A friend asked a short while ago whether I would be interested in going to see a choir group singing at their concert, I was told this would involve soul music. I’m not one to turn my nose up at any particular style of music, when you open your mind up to the possibilities and just sit back and enjoy the beauty of the music itself and what message the artist is trying to put acrossm, you’ve got yourself a great story. When I arrived at Queen’s Hall with some friends, we were pleasantly entertained by Edinburgh’s Got Soul.

Edinburgh’s Got Soul is a local charity group which brings people together through the singing of soul music. It’s a great way of allowing people to come together in a community, to share the enjoyment of soul music and in return provide a supporting group for those who experience loneliness.

From some of the songs that were sung that night, the profound effect of the united voices of up to 100 soul choir members singing was truly an eye opening experience. There were some songs that the conductor of the group involved the audience in and you can truly feel how being part of the choir can make you feel connected when everyone’s part of the same experience.

The importance of supporting others where it’s easy to be hidden away and unnoticed is an important aspect of living in a big city like Edinburgh or Glasgow. The purpose of the charity is to support others through community building and the enjoyment of soul music. Not everyone wants to talk about their experiences or share their personal stories, so why not sing it instead, using the power of voice?

Workshops are run twice a year (in February and September) and lasts for 14 consecutive weeks with a concert at the end (in May and December). If you’re interested in supporting your local group, have a look at their website or find out if there’s a Got Soul group near you to get involved!

What does community building mean to you? Have you been part of any community building activities and want to share your experiences? If you live in a big city, what are your thoughts about it, does it make you feel lonely?


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