Another classic car show: Stirling & District Classic Car Club, Bridge of Allan

The Grampian Transport Museum car show was the first the OH participated in and it’s a sign that all car, motorbike and vehicular enthuasists are ready to polish up their mechanical beauties to show them off to the public, because classic car show seaon is upon us! This past weekend was the second car show the OH was showing his lovely lady (I dubbed her the Mistress because of the care and attention he pays her ladyship in red) and luckily I hitched a ride to the show, so I didn’t need to get up early in the morning to set up.

Held at Strathallan Games Park in Bridge of Allan, the Stirling and District Classic Car Club held their 10th annual charity classic car show on Sunday 18th of May. It’s not a huge show ground, but the number of cars that turn up to show their support makes for a good wee show to visit, if you’re not sure about whether classic car shows are your thing. I had a quick walk around the autojumble section (usually people who sell goods – think of a garage sale – from their vehicles/vans) and was very pleased when I finally came across this lovely wee model of the Porsche 928. The OH was quite pleased too and this wee gem is now proudly displayed on our mantelpiece.

I usually take photos on my 10mp camera from my Blackberry Z10 mainly for convenience sake, for special events though I tend to bring out the big guns and use my DSLR instead. The quality obviously differs, but in some ways, the photographer’s eye is the most important aspect as well to get a good angle and view of what they’re trying to capture.

A replica Porsche 356 Speedster

One of the oldest (and original!) Porsche 911T that is still running today

My dream car, the Nissan Figaro, although I’d prefer this in grey. Only 20 000 of these cars were built in 1991 and now fetches a price of at least £3500 on eBay

Classic Jaguar

Morgans are still made to this day to look like classic cars. The beige car (right) was produced in 2011!

There are shows of varying sizes and types, depending on where your interest lies. Various car clubs are usually involved with different shows, depending on the event and whether they meet the criteria (if this is stipulated by the event organisers), but usually Selkirk Vintage Rally held in September has a good range of motors, trains, bicycles (including pennyfarthings), motorbikes, trucks as well as classic cars from different decades to see with your own eyes!

Have you been to any classic car shows? Which ones are your favourite? What do you most like seeing?


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