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You charmer you, Sweet Rosie

Sweet Rosie Jewellery

One of the reasons I like supporting independent designers, like buying from Etsy is the service you get, you feel like you’re the most important person at the time you’re getting a particular piece commissioned and it’s exciting to know that the designer is specifically making a piece you want, how you want it.

Having lived in Scotland for 5.5 years now though, you can really feel the pride the people have in their country and you can’t help but feel the same pride and one way of showing that support is by buying from local designers. This is how I came across Sweet Rosie Jewellery.

Sweet Rosie has been making gorgeous jewellery for over 15 years.

sweetrosie pearl bracelet with heart charmBased in Glasgow we work closely with clients to create their perfect piece of jewellery. Specialising in one-off pieces from bespoke engagement and wedding rings to personalised cufflinks and charms.

We also have a range of our own contemporary designer collections, making beautiful jewellery available for everyone.

We hope you enjoy wearing it a much as we enjoy making it.

Love Sweet Rosie x

Attending the jewellery making classes made me realise how perfecting certain designs and settings are skills you really need to spend time perfecting to get it just right. You buy a piece of jewellery and expect a good price for it, it’s sometimes astonishing how much a piece of sterling silver jewellery costs, but the time and effort put into making it takes patience and a sure and steady hand. Remember my first attempt at making and setting my labradorite ring? That alone took over 7 hours!

Sweet Rosie’s pieces are truly unique and what’s caught my attention is how they’ve delved into the world of the healing powers of stones and minerals. It’s something I strongly believe in, so I couldn’t help but get myself a little something from their shop.

My lovely package

I had been trying to decide between the selection of bracelets on offer: whether I wanted the Colour Therapy bracelet with the charm or the simple Summer Karma bracelet. I already have a charm bracelet, so I decided to go with the purple Summer Karma one:

My purple Summer Karma bracelet, £18 from Sweet Rosie

Each stone has its own unique healing properties. The purple is great for bringing forth creativity and inspiration. EVeryone needs a little inspiration every now and then, right? Especially with the creativity block I’ve been having lately with my dressmaking and jewellery making, I feel some creative inspiration is in order!

To find out more about the healing properties or attributes of each coloured bracelet, have a look at Bittersweet Bhavna’s post.

Which colour inspires you the most? Is there a particular attribute you would like to get inspiration for?


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