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Inspiration of the day

Happiness comes from always trying to do the best you can, not from trying to do better than someone else. Comparison against others voids any advancements you may have made yourself, does that make sense? It’s like Yoga.. don’t look at what someone else is doing on their mat.. focus on yours!

Buddhist Boot Camp

Happiness is what you make of the situation and knowing what your own limits are. I’ve learned to overcome my self-consciousness when it comes to attending BodyPump and BodyCombat classes when I realised that everyone is working to their own strengths and limits.

Some might be working hard to achieve a strong body, but others will just be looking to get fit. Some will be putting in more effort whereas others struggle. When I first started BodyCombat classes, I looked for other people in the room who inspired me to work towards my own goals. Now I’ve realised that there are some aspects where I actually surpass their level of fitness, but others whom I admire for their determination to succeed.

The thing we need to recognise and realise is, no matter which aspect of our life we’re thinking of, we can only work to what we can (and cannot) achieve and work towards our own personal goals. The person next to you might be stronger at compiling statistics and working with facts and figures, but you are stronger in other ways. Find out what makes you happy and what makes you tick; understand what your strengths are and be proud of your achievements and skills. Where possible, work on your weaknesses but remember, no one can be good at absolutely everything


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