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A wee insight into my favourite things

I write about various topics that catch my eye, from inspirations for wedding gifts to fashion items, but have you ever wanted to know what my absolute favourites are? From accessories to dishes, to TV series and inspirational figures, all will be revealed right here!

Source: A Few of My Favourite Things

Sometimes it’s really hard to choose just one, even though it hasn’t been made yet, I’m really looking forward to wearing my summer midi skirt. It’s a nice pop of my favourite colour and with the lightweight fabric, I can see that it’ll move nicely. Otherwise, for sentimental reasons and because it’s still one of my favourite fabrics, I have to go with my first shirt dress

My wedding shoes, both pairs! Back when I looking for that special pair of Christian Louboutins, all I saw were black and nude patient or calfskin leather heels, I knew I wanted something different and stood out from the rest. When my friend told me about Pam Jenkins, I couldn’t hold in my excitement when I saw the Nude Earth ‘No Prive 120 Woodstock’ slingback pumps. There was no hesitation when I also learned they were on sale.

Source: Bluefly

Without a doubt, the other pair I’ll be wearing to my own wedding are my DIY glitter court shoes that will be worn with my mum’s Chinese wedding dress:

My DIY wedding glitter shoes

It’s hard to choose just one, for a roomy summer bag to carry to the beach or to carry more than just my essentials, I prefer my Dior small silver Panarea tote. Otherwise for a quick dash out the door with my essentials or when I want to carry a cute mini, I’d go for the River Island pony skin mini zebra satchel

Dior small silver Panarea tote

River Island pony skin mini zebra satchel

Hands down, I have to go with John Galliano, especially when he was still Creative Director for the House of Dior. I really admired his flair for the dramatic when it came to the runway. He brought the show to life with his extravagant couture gowns and the inspiration he got from different cultures or historical events really shined through.

Source: Buzznet

DIY project buy
The length of watercolour print fabric I got for a steal in the Netherlands!

DIY project
I’m quite excited about the rings I’ve still to make and set stones for, but one of the most exciting projects I’m looking forward to working on and designing is my very first piece. I’ve got an idea in my head to use Brazilian and African amethysts, a pink and a blue sapphire or topaz as a Mother’s Day gift for my mum. Each gemstone will represent my mum, my siblings and I. I have yet to come up with a design though and am still looking around for inspiration on how to bring these stones together.

Without a doubt, my absolute favourite piece is my custom designed Lilia Nash pink sapphire engagement ring!

Another one of my staple jewellery pieces that I can’t stop admiring is the etched sterling silver lily filigree cuff that I made in the first term of jewellery making class.

Etched sterling silver filigree cuff

I find that you can’t really have one fragrance to suit all seasons unless it’s a light fragrance, but more often than not a lighter fragrance is reminiscent of summer and you want a slightly different scent for winter. I’ve got 2 Dior perfumes that I like to switch between: Miss Dior is a light and romantic, floral fragrance suitable for day time and during the summer while Pure Poison has a deeper sultry, floral scent to it which would be great for night time or winter.

Miss Dior 30ml Eau de Parfum, £46.50 from John Lewis

Pure Poison 30ml Eau de Parfum, £49 from John Lewis

Stargazer lilies, I particularly like the oriental ones with a pink centre and white edge on the petals

Source: Analog Film Photography

For moments I want to capture or when I want to take great photographs of people and events, I always bring my Sony Alpha DSLR camera with me, but for day to day purposes, I can’t go anywhere without my customised Blackberry Z10 or my iPod Nano.

One other important piece of technology I can’t do without is the trustworthy Siemens sewing machine that the OH was given that I’ve commandeered for my sewing projects. It might be old and can only do straight stitches, but it’s been working great and hasn’t given me any bother with sewing. Well, much.

Memorable moment to photograph
It has to be the day I attended my friend’s wedding in Germany last year. I brought my DSLR with me and I was able to capture so many beautiful and intimate moments between my friend and her new husband. It was also a great experience for me, following the professional photographer who was hired for the day and to capture behind the scenes moments which really inspired me. My favourite one of the day is the one below, when the bride and groom were being directed for their after-wedding photos:

Etsy because of the range of handmade goods you can buy and support independent designers, but also because of the variety of supplies you can buy, especially for making your own crafts.

Adventures in Dressmaking, it’s the first blog I came across that really caught my attention and inspired me to develop my own blog. Suzannah’s tutorials are easy to follow and some of my own dressmaking projects were intially inspired by what she already made. It’s also amazing how she has been using her DIY skills to refurbish furniture or style her own home!

TV series
I haven’t come across another TV series that’s quite as addictive as Hannibal. It’s the way the series defies previously conceived ideas of what Hannibal is like and challenges the audience’s mind by giving only a suggestion and letting each audience member create an idea in their head of what the character meant or did.

My all time favourite is definitely BodyCombat because of the martial arts training I received as a teenager and because it’s part of my cultural history. I feel that I’m exploring the roots of my culture and feeding into that part of me that seeks to learn more about the history of different countries, which is why I’m also excited to start my first capoeira class in a couple weeks’ time.

Junk food
Haribo Giant Strawbs (un-sugared and sugared) or cherries

Source: Pick and Mixture Sweets

Bubble tea, preferably hazelnut flavoured from Chatime! For alcoholic drinks, unless it’s because they don’t stock the brand (I’m not too keen on the flavour from other competitor brands) I always order vodka Red Bull

My favourite recipes all come in The Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook, but my all time favourite is their red velvet cake

Macarons, especially praline flavoured. My favourite macaron store? Ladurée, or Pierre Hermé who’s great for special edition flavours.

Christmas edition flavoured macarons from Pierre Hermé

I have quite a few favourites that I frequent, but I like Jamie’s Italian for special occasions.

Fiction, I’ve liked every single book in Kelley Armstrong’s Otherworld series. For non-fiction, The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin is inspiring.

I’ve been a fan of Evanescence since I first listened to their album, Fallen in 2003, but I’ve also come to appreciate Scottish folk/rock music from Mànran.

Musical instrument
I played the piano for 9 years and sometimes have the urge to pick up one of the music books I had to play tunes that I enjoyed, but one of the instruments I always wanted to learn was the harp, and eventually I did get one. I took some lessons, but will need to try and pick it up again in the near future.

A clarsach similar to the one I own

Inspirational person
The person I look up to most over the years has changed, only because of the significance that person has played in inspiring my thoughts at the time. Coming from a Chinese family where Buddhist teachings play a big part in Taoism, I’ve been looking to Buddhist Boot Camp regularly to help keep my thoughts positive and to appreciate the smallest moments in everyday life.


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