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Words of inspiration for the fitness-minded

I apologise in advance for the lack of exciting updates on jewellery and dressmaking projects recently, work has been quite hectic and has taken up quite a bit of time. Most of you would probably be able to relate to having a busy time at work and not having enough time to make progress on outstanding projects. In the meantime, the only constant activities I’ve been involved with is my bi-weekly BodyCombat and once a week BodyPump classes.

Seeing as how I’ve been posting words of inspiration for the mind and soul, it’s about time to also post words of inspiration for improving the body as well.

Source: BodyCombat Facebook page

Courage is standing there in the heat of the workout and busting a gut until the final bell rings.

Dan Cohen

When it comes to improving our own personal fitness levels, it’s not about trying to compete with other people in the gym or class; each person is working towards their own strengths and weaknesses. There’s no point in trying to impress or try to outlift or outfight the person beside you, you might be lifting bigger weights or fighting harder, but how much harder are you working to your own limits?

Each person starts out somewhere and those who want to achieve a more defined look to their arms and legs will work harder to achieve that physical appearance, others just want to improve their own fitness levels by being able to keep themselves in shape without the definition. Lifting heavier weights don’t mean anything, just like you can’t compare your own negative life experiences and see who’s had worse experiences. Each person experiences their own highs and lows and the level of emotions you feel could be comparable, no matter what each person is going through. The same could be said for your own fitness levels. One person could be having a more difficult time keeping up with the rest of the class because it’s the first time, but this does not mean that they’re expending less effort than those who have been attending the classes for years.

Courage is the effort you put into reaching the finishing line, not giving up when your muscles tell you to, fighting till the end and actually feeling like you’ve made progress and pushing those limits. Push those thoughts in your head that tell you to stop because your muscles are burning, because you know you can work through it. It’s all about mind over matter; once you conquer those thoughts in your head, you can achieve almost anything.


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