A different kind of music: The Pretty Reckless

Source: The Pretty Reckless Twitter page

Love her or hate her, you can’t deny that Taylor Momsen has a great voice. Having seen her transformation as little Jenny in gives her alternative metal band a unique combination of a sultry voice to accompany the electric riff of the guitars. The Pretty Reckless is Taylor’s baby and passion. It’s no secret, in various interviews with magazines, including this one from Burton Mail, Taylor freely admits that

Music is more personal because you’re writing it and you’re involved in every step of it.

Burton Mail

I first heard about Taylor’s band when I got my ticket to see Evancescence live at the O2 Academy in Glasgow on 2nd November 2011, The Pretty Reckless was the opening band. I wasn’t sure what I thought about her band at the time only because her character, Jenny on Gossip Girl, had undergone such a huge transformation from her original innocent and kind self that I was caught in a crossfire as to whether I would like it or not. The first song I came across on Youtube didn’t really inspire any confidence either. While the tune for Miss Nothing was quite catchy and somewhat hopeful, the make up and style Taylor wears in the video reminded me too much of Jenny’s teenage self and it made me realise probably that was Taylor’s own personality shining through. I do admit that while there were some parts to her performance that didn’t exactly endear Evanescence fans to her band (before their performance of ‘My Medicine’, Taylor told the audience to sing along if they knew the lyrics, and if they didn’t to ‘f***ing learn it because it’s so damned easy’. Then there’s also the part the world now knows about where she called Glasgow ‘the craziest crowd in all of England’.) Despite those mishaps, I did go home to listen to some of the bands music before they got signed with Razor & Tie.

Source: FanPop

Taylor has a voice on her that does not sound like what a 20-year old should have. Maybe it’s because of her throaty voice when she speaks, it comes across well in her music as well. It doesn’t matter whether she’s singing a slow ballad or one about belonging to the devil and Hell, the dichotomy of her sultry voice with the harder sound of the riffs of electric guitars work well for me.

Her lyrics and videos may offend people with her Bible bashing ways, but to me it’s another form of creative expression. I may not agree with her methods of promoting her band or her personal sense of style, but I know for a fact that each person is free to make their own minds about what they want to think, say and dress. There are bands out there who live to create music that seems like they’re out there to be deliberately offensive (Eminem and the German band Rammstein to name a few), but in the end it’s the appreciation of music and letting the beats and lyrics of the songs speak to you andif it does, letting them lead you to feel what you need to in that moment.

Source: A Music Blog. Yea?

I’d like to think of myself as open to different styles of music and I am to some extent (except for music that only consists of death growls and unintelligble lyrics). The Pretty Reckless is a good band to listen to if you’re into heavier rock/alternative metal music that’s mainly dominated by all-male bands, which is why when one comes along with a strong female lead singer who has a voice that captures your attention, I pay close attention. I may not agree with Taylor’s own personal choices or the provocative nature of her videos, but that’s beside the point: the music the band creates is catchy and great, sex appeal sells and maybe they’re just more honest about giving it like it is instead of playing innocent but sultry woman.

Source: Buzzworthy

The Pretty Reckless’ second studio album Going To Hell was released worldwide on 14th March (16th in the UK) and can now be purchased as a CD or in digital MP3 format from Amazon UK.

Going To Hell by The Pretty Reckless Deluxe Edition, £10.99 from Amazon UK

Are you a fan of The Pretty Reckless? What are your thoughts on the Going To Hell album?


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