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Off to the theatre: Compagnie Käfig's Boxe Boxe

What do you get when you combine contemporary dance and martial arts? How is that even possible? Choreographer and Director, Mourad Merzouki, of Compagnie Käfig shows us how it all comes together in the latest stage show to grace the theatres of the UK through the Dance Consortium with Boxe Boxe.

Eight exceptional dancers blend martial arts, street and contemporary dance to create a spirited and stunning fusion of hip-hop and fisticuffs which has dazzled audiences the world over. Boxe Boxe draws on the rich pageantry and theatricality of boxingwhere bright red gloves effortlessly morph into puppetsand punch balls explode like featherweight balloons.

Festival Theatre, Edinburgh

Source: Festival Theatre Edinburgh

The show is one of 3 the French company has touring this year: Correria Agwa has been touring across the US in January and February, and Käfig Brasil. Mourad Merzouki brings together his knowledge and skill gained from the school of circus and martial arts to bring you a powerful performance of fluidity in movement and a new appreciation for how different forms of martial arts, like capoeira, and boxing on the big stage.

I enjoy my visual form of the arts and with my interest in different forms of martial arts, this will definitely be a night I will definitely be enjoying thoroughly, and I’m sure anyone who likes the stage or various forms of dance, you will too.

Source: Dance Consortium

Source: Dance Consortium

Source: Dance Consortium

Shows are on 7:30pm Tuesday 1st and Wednesday 2nd April at Festival Theatre Edinburgh. Tickets start from £12.50 (for concessions) and £22.50 (full price) and can be purchased from their site here.

Have you seen any of the Compagnie Käfig’s productions? Which did you enjoy the most?


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