Support the fundraising auction for Bengal Rescue Scotland

I’m not afraid to say that I love animals and I do what I can to help them. I have a standing direct debit donation to the WWF to support endangered species, but when it hit closer to home that Bengals need help in Scotland, I couldn’t help but try and do my part for them, especially when one wee boy in particular, Little Man, has various health issues and the rescue centre run by voluntary breeders and owners, is struggling to keep up with the mounting vet bills.

Bengal Rescue Scotland

were[sic] are very sad to say but its now been decided that little man needs to have surgery to remove his left eye due to an absess behind it this is gutting he also has significant sight loss in his right eye so he will be practically blind. Due to the ever rising bills which will now include surgery we are going to have another auction to raise the funds required.

A few people have said would it not be better and more fincally viable for him to be put to sleep and in answer to this i would like to state that being pts will never be an option for a kitten/cat in our care unless they will have no quality of life and will forever suffer. Little Man in every other way is a bouncy happy kitten this is no reason for his life to be ended this is just a chapter in his life that we will see him thru[sic]!!

If you are able to donate an item please pm us we would be truly greatful.

Bengal Rescue Scotland

You’ve got to hand it to people who are dedicated enough to continue to financially support a wee life like Little Man’s when so many people in the world are ready to give up, just because it’s getting expensive to pay the vets. If a human being went blind, you would continue to support them, right? Maybe in the UK, it’s different because every single employed person pays taxes and contributes their monthly salary to National Insurance and everything is taken care of by the NHS, but for those who have to take out personal insurance or fund their own medical care, you wouldn’t decide they should be put to sleep because they can’t see. Why should this be the case for an animal? They’ve also got a right to live, even if they’ve got no sight.

Bengal Rescue Scotland are a group of voluntary in home fosters who have experience with the Bengal breed and are aware of their needs and strive to keep them out of mainstream rescue centres and animal shelters. The sole reason for this is because bengals are often chosen for their ‘exotic’ look and prospective owners, unfortunately, do not do their research before purchasing one and find it difficult to look after them. I’ve got two furbabies of my own and it saddens me to think that they’re abandoned by people who think they’re ‘aggressive’ or ‘wild’, ‘loud’, ‘demanding’ and ‘cannot be tamed’ which is entirely untrue. It’s heartbreaking to think they’re misunderstood and families either don’t take the time to give them what they need or the ‘newness’ of having an exotic looking domestic cat wears off, and because of this, they are abandoned and missing out on the love and attention they should be receiving.

To put things into perspective, according to one of the rescue centre’s previous posts, they were fostering up to 8 cats and vet bills were standing at £295 or thereabouts in December. I’ve personally donated 4 of my own handmade snoods (1 single and 3 double loop/long snoods) and will also be making personalised paw print sterling silver charms for the winning bidders.

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All photos from Bengal Rescue Scotland

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To see all the items available for bidding in the auction, please visit the Bengal Rescue Scotland page for details

Please help this worthwhile cause by either donating items for auction, bidding on items that will be available to bid on from Friday 31st January, or making a donation through


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