Out with 2013…

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I do apologise for the lack of updates, I had gone back to Hong Kong to spend the Christmas holidays with my family and friends there. Can I just say, what a great time I had seeing friends I haven’t spoken to face to face since we graduated (from high school and from Uni). More importantly, I got to indulge in food that I haven’t tasted in 2 years, which was the last time I was back to visit friends and family. The first thing I had to do on landing? Get myself a nice cup of proper bubble tea, of course!

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Hazelnut bubble tea from Chatime at Chek Lap Kok International Airport Departures Hall

In addition to drinking lots of bubble tea (and by that I mean religiously, every day, where I could), I also bought lots of snacks to bring back here to slowly enjoy as well as eating great food, including macaroons from Ladurée and Pierre Hermé (there currently are no shops in Edinburgh for either macaroon specialist brands). Here are some of my memories of my trip:

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Night view of Victoria Harbour from IFC

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Meeting the family pup, Little Mi, for the first time

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Eating a proper Chinese meal at a restaurant, including Peking Duck

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Ladurée at Harbour City, TST

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Pierre Hermé, also at Harbour City, TST

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A selection of Pierre Hermé’s Christmas edition macaroons: (L-R) PX (Pedro Ximinez with soaked sultanas), Chocolate and fois gras, and white truffle with roasted piedmont hazelnut slivers

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My first attempt at cooking steak with oyster mushrooms and rocket (all organic) for Christmas Day

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Cooked snack foods I never got to enjoy and gave to my brother and his girlfriend instead: (top to bottom) honey glazed chicken leg, curry fish balls and siu mai

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Roast duck with rice

A friend from New York was more than happy to recommend some sweet treats that she had tried there and wanted to recommend. I was intrigued by the offerings she had brought me from Momofuku Milk Bar and was surprised at how good the combination of snack favourites with baked goods could taste. One of my favourites was definitely the pumpkin pie cake truffles. A weird and wonderful creation that I was taken aback by was the compost cookie which is made of a strange combination of ingredients (including coffee, pretzels, crisps, oats, butterscotch and chocolate chips), although I felt like the cookie I got had an overwhelming taste of coffee that I couldn’t fully enjoy the cookie.

Needless to say, I got so excited about the sweets that I went and bought the Momofuku Milk Bar recipe book by Christina Tosi, chef and owner of the Momofuku Milk Bar, to re-create some of the wonderful sounding treats:

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Momofuku Milk Bar, £16.25 from Amazon UK

You can order their goodies from their online store, however they are quite restricted in what baked goods they can post and international customers are required to complete a shipping request form so that an individual quote can be made for you.

My sister and mum was also keen for me to attend a theatre production in Macau they had previously seen. On my last visit, we weren’t able to arrange a suitable time and date where we could all go together, so we made it this time to see The House of Dancing Water, a show that combines aquatic skill, ballet and technology to bring you an engaging story with the use of a purpose-built theatre which holds up to 3.7 gallons of water!

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One of the scenes from The House of Dancing Water included a huge pirate ship prop emerging from the bottom of the theatre floor

Watch the trailer for The House of Dancing Water at City of Dreams, Macau, below:

Macau is also such a great place to visit. It was eye-opening to see how developed parts of the country is with all the casinos that attract high rollers, where on the other side of the river you can see high rise residential flat buildings.

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View of Macau from the Macau Tower

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Model recreation of the Macau Tower

I’ve managed to make lots of great memories with important people in my life in 2013. Some of my fondest memories include:

– my own engagement
– attending the weddings of two good friends of mine (one in Pakistan and the other in Germany)
starting this blog at the beginning of the year
starting jewellery making classes and making my first pieces of jewellery
– going to London to see The Cheapside Hoard

This is how I will remember the past year: with fondness and gratitude for all the people who have stood by my side and shared memories with me, and a eagerness to see what 2014 will bring and more wedding planning!

How do you remember the year of 2013?


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