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Letting Jodi DiPiazza shine

Words cannot express how much this video 9-minute video has touched my heart.

A good friend of mine, Heather from Yankee Doodle, sent me a link to an article that she read and thought would interest me, knowing about my soft spot and passion towards people with Autism Spectrum Condition, also known as ASC. Not all people who have ASC behave the same way, nor does every individual display the same symptoms. Sometimes it’s more severe and result in them having learning disabilities in addition to ASC, whereas others are musical savants.

As I said in my previous post, there’s research being done to better understand the causes of ASC, but to the general public, it’s still something that’s not recognised and people with ASC are not shown acceptance for their differences. When celebrities are putting the power of their fame to good use, such as disabilities which aren’t as widely recognised, or gain support as much as charities to help poverished countries do, it’s an empowering experience and it touches my heart to know that the initiative that Jon Stuart, host of The Daily Show was part of the Comedy Central’s event Night of Too Many Stars.

The video (and event) may be from 2012, but it doesn’t change the fact that the majority of the world’s population is still relatively ignorant to ASC and what it means to live with someone with this condition. For those of us who are passionate about supporting people with this condition, we can only continue to strive to give them the best support we can, one individual at a time. It doesn’t need to be a major world event, just the rapport you build with just one individual gives you enough satisfaction to last you a lifetime.

Watch Katy Perry’s official music video for Firework here:


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