Food for Thought

Interacting with an introvert

Some time ago, I admitted to being an introvert and it is true. It’s not something I or any other person with an introverted personality needs to be ashamed of, it’s who we are. It’s a misconception that introverts like to be alone and not like to talk much, but over time I realised that a lot of introverts are outgoing and sociable, it’s just how we interact and what we find pleasure in from those interactions that make us different. We tend to interact differently with others than extroverts do and that’s not a bad thing. If we can accept individual differences, how is the type of personality you have a negative thing, right?

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Read How to interact with the introverted… for a quick an easy read, here’s a great comic strip version that gives you a summary of an introvert.

If you truly are interested in knowing what it’s like for other introverts like me, the article from The Huffington Post I read is a great read and for first person experience, the post I wrote gives you an idea of what it’s like from my perspective.

Do you identify yourself as an introvert or extrovert? What would you consider to be your strongest traits?


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