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Scottish exams have started for high school students and if it hasn’t already, I’m sure GCSE ones should be starting soon too! So much happening and not enough time to do them all!

One thing’s for sure, I’m slowly but surely making progress in my wedding planning! The wedding’s not for another 2 years, but it’s never to early to plan, right? I’m also a typical Virgo (read: perfectionist) so I like to know that everything’s set in motion and that on the last few days leading up to that important day, there are as few problems as possible. So if I keep mentioning details about planning the wedding, you’ll have to forgive me! I’ve been so consumed with it, I have a hard time trying to focus on what’s happening in the rest of the fashion/accessories world!

On other news, I finally picked up my signed copy of Sophie Kinsella‘s (author of the Shopaholic series) Wedding Night yesterday! I started reading it last night and it’s already hooked me in! It starts off with Sophie’s typical sense of humour, girl is stuck in a horribly embarrassing scene and things take off from there. Wedding Night is about the main character, Lottie, whose boyfriend didn’t propose when she expected him to (after asking about whether she liked his surname, he needed to ask her a Big Question, etc) and she decides to act on a pact made long ago with an ex that if they weren’t married by 30, they would marry each other. A lighthearted rom-com novel that will have you rolling around with laughter while exercising your stomach muscles!

Image Hosted by
Wedding night by Sophie Kinsella, £9 from Amazon UK

Seems like even though I’ve been trying not pay too close attention to anything that might catch my eye and get me to deviate from my plan to save up for the wedding, the fashion world moves on as usual. One thing I cannot help but pay attention to is any new developments in the House of Dior. I raved about Dior’s new Cruise 2013 Nail Vernis Pastèque because I’ve been a fan of Dior’s since I noticed their Dior Girly collection back in 2004. I have to admit how disappointed I was to hear the New Lock collection has been discontinued and the New Lock promenade pochette no longer in production:

Image Hosted by
New Lock promenade pochette in Bois de Rose python, sold out with Dior in 2012

Image Hosted by
New Lock promenade pochette, compact enough for using in the evening, but from testimonials of members from The Purse Forum who own the bag, it’s also roomy enough to carry your essentials and then some.

I’m happy to say at least the Miss Dior grande promenade pochette is setting fashionistas’ tongues wagging this year.

Image Hosted by
Miss Dior grande promenade pochette, £900 from

As you can see, it has its similarities to the original New Lock promenade pochette, but it does retain one fascinating factor taken from it’s original sister, the Miss Dior bag – the contrasting lining:

Image Hosted by
Miss Dior grande promenade pochette in black with contrasting pink interior leather lining,

The other little added bonus is the mini ‘Dior’ charms hanging off the side which is also another detail from the sister bag, the Miss Dior bag. The chain can be worn long and the bag as a cross body/long chain shoulder bag. Alternatively you can loop the chain around the flap once and wear it as a short double chain shoulder bag.

Image Hosted by
Miss Dior bag in Bois de Rose python

Image Hosted by
Interior contrasting fuschia lining of the Bois de Rose python Miss Dior bag

Another thing that has caught my eye has been the recent Icons collection launched by H&M, based on the styles of 4 leading models in the fashion industry. My favourite? The embellished beaded waistcoat worn by Joan Smalls:

Image Hosted by
Joan Smalls for the new Icons collection, for H&M

The waistcoat itself is made from black cotton, but the embellishments of the waistcoat makes for a great statement item. The beading is intricate enough to give it an almost military vibe, but the dull shine of the beads themselves give it a rustic girly sense of glamour. Unfortunately, for those who are keen on the waistcoat, this is already sold out in all the stores! I managed to find just one lying on a pile of their lace-print trousers here in Edinburgh, but the weight of all the studs and beading made it feel rather heavy and the one size remaining would have mean it would have been a snug fit. I prefer my waistcoats to be slightly on the looser side for comfort.

For those who still want to snag this lovely piece, do not despair, but you better act quick! It seems it’s still available on the H&M website, but searching for it won’t bring you to the link itself! The hidden treasure can be found on the H&M site by clicking on the link below:

Image Hosted by
Embellished waistcoat from the Icons collection, £34.99 from H&M

Talking about inspiration, one thing I’ve realised is something always happens that puts me off an activity. For 3 years, I was horseriding and enjoyed the connection you had with the horse, working together to perform tasks you need to demonstrate at competitions and in class, you work towards communicating, without words, with a massive animal whose brute strength is much more than man. Then I had a big accident that put me off. I need to be able to trust my instructor and I haven’t yet found one locally and the cost of riding here means transportation costs in addition to the cost of lessons which isn’t cheap.

For the time being, I’ve turned to a previous favourite pasttime of mine: martial arts. My sister would be able to tell you that since watching the original The Karate Kid films and 3 Ninjas, we adored the world of martial arts, especially since that was the type of action we grew up with in Hong Kong, not guns, mafias and gory scenes. This time, I wanted to enjoy the practice of martial arts in a leisure setting, where you’re not expected to build up your technique for competing. That’s where Les Mills brought clarity to my life. I found Body Combat and it’s really changed my life! I feel much better about myself and I’ve been using my previous martial arts training in controlling the movements of my body and actually enjoying the way it’s being taught at my local leisure centre. I’m also introduced to great mixes of popular music and rekindling my passion wtih previously loved songs. You feel great with all that you’re accomplishing in class, and when a new release comes out, you push yourself harder to do better. I’ve been attending classes twice a week now for 7 months. What more can a person ask for?

Image Hosted by
Body Combat 55 poster from Les Mills

Anybody recently been inspired by anything?


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